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  1. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    Mine still says under review. I don't see the excluded party list on my application.
  2. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    I went on the identity guard site & I have a credit inquiry from CBC on 3/7/2013. I pray this is a good sign from above! My account still says under review.
  3. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    I know what you mean!!! No changes for me, just says Under Review I will keep checking, hopefully no news means good news.
  4. Any VA Nurse III's out there?

    Hey Allnurses, I would like to hear from any nurse III's working for the VA. What is your job title? How long did it take to get to grade III? Did you need a masters degree? Any other info is appreciated :)
  5. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    Everytime I try to activate the participant account, it won't let me. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    Thanks CHCRN!!!!! That link really helps to ease some of my anxiety :) Notifications are still in Sept/ Oct, but I see many past recipients were notified starting in August (being hopeful :)
  7. University of Detroit Mercy MSN HSM

    Hi Allnurses, I am exploring different masters levels programs I am not interested in clinical practice whatsoever, I would like to work in the line of informatics, QM, and case management. Has anyone received an MSN in Health Systems Management? If ...
  8. NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

    I am also applying this year & praying I receive the funding. I believe my facility score is a 19 my debt to income ration is 108%. Does anyone know how to check the status of their application. Ever since the deadline passed I haven't been able...
  9. HRSA/ Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I am finally done with my application!!!! I am going to review it this weekend to make sure everything is in order then submit it. I will keep everyone in my prayers :)
  10. HRSA/ Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I am half way done with my application, it's alot of work now!!! How do you know if your site is eligible/ not? I was told by my POC that our site is only covered for NPs, but she still encouraged me to apply. Love2SPA did they tell you why your daug...
  11. Hi Allnurses, I've decided to apply for the HRSA Loan Repayment Program this year. I have been wanting to apply the last couple of years, but never got around to apply. Now that I am ready to apply I see that they have made alot of changes. I'm sure ...
  12. Pros and Cons of working for the VA

    Congrats & welcome to the VA!!! I believe it varies from facility to facility, but in my experience I absolutely LOVE working for the VA. It is a different system and it takes some getting used to, I'm sure you will see what I mean when you get t...
  13. Obtaining a VA position

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear you are having such difficulty getting into the VA. I can only give u experience from my VA. My advice would be to apply to any opening the VA has. It took me two years to get into the VA after endless apps and stalking nurse...
  14. Mental Health Interview

    Hi allnurses,I have an interview at my local VA hospital in the outpatient mental health clinic. For those of u that have any insight on the nurses role in mental health or the clinic setting and any interview questions youve come across would be hel...
  15. quick VA orientation question..

    My orientation was from 7:45- 4:15, but we were always out by 3:30. The time and place to be was in my formal offer letter. My VA made some changes to orientation, nursing orientation was crammed into 2 days & everything else you just learn on th...