St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor

  1. Anyone have any insight on this hospital-good or bad? I may be interviewing for a new grad postion on their 5000 unit-stepdown/telemetry. Thanks.
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  3. by   MySimplePlan
    I've heard the people there are great to work with, in a very supportive environment. I don't think the $$ is as high as other facilities, however. They've got that big new hospital they're building....

    My friend works SJMH in L*D, and my own GYN/OB both stated the above opinion. I have no work experience there.
  4. by   maureenlynn
    I'm not a nurse yet, but when I am, my goal is to work in St. Joe's in Ann Arbor. I LOVE that hospital. Always have (I was actually born there!). Sorry, I don't know much about the work factor, but just had to state (again, I know I've posted it before) that I LOVE St. Joe's!!
  5. by   medicrnohio
    I have never worked there. However, I do know quite a few nurses who have and patients who have gone there. I have heard good reviews from both nurses and patients. I actually know a nurse who worked on that unit. She said it is a very busy unit but you learn a lot. I started out on a telemetry/stepdown unit and I learned a lot. Good luck.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Worked agency there, ICU, ER, and OR. Also put in a few shifts on the tele unit and loved all of it, at least most of the time.

    Definitely a facility to consider.
  7. by   MsStephh_RN
    I worked there as a unit clerk on L&D a few years ago and I absolutely loved it! The pay is a little lower but I saw some amazing team work and cohesiveness there. I can't say the same for other hospitals tho. The one thing that stood out to me was that everyone wAs treated equally. Those are some of the nicest doctors I've ever encountered :-)
  8. by   djmatte
    I worked there for a short 6 month stint. I will say overall the experience there was good and I would have loved to stay longer, but schedule conflicts prevented it. The staff was great to work with and as someone who spent all my time rounding, it was easy to move into a unit, interact with nurses taking care of the patients and move on to the next.

    I will warn you though to tread with care. While the hospital is a great environment to work in, the economy is impacting it hard even with the remodel. In the time I was there, they closed a whole stepdown unit(not added overflow, but shut down every room). They let go of some of those employees and moved the rest to either staff positions and a large majority to the pool. Most of those I knew who had been there for a long time felt like management didn't have a grasp on keeping the hospital afloat financially. Just be aware of these happenings when applying.