Renewing my license with the new MiPlus - page 3

Very frustrated. I cannot figure out how to renew my RN license. Anyone renewed their license with their new database.... Read More

  1. by   bren49401
    I just logged on to Lara to renew my RN and NP license. I am totally lost. I can log in on that site, is there another MIPlus website I need to go to? I don't have this PIN everyone is talking about. How do you even start!!
  2. by   bren49401
    Did you get help? Do you have a phone number? I just logged on the LARA site and can't get anywhere!!!
  3. by   hawaiicarl
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  4. by   Zeta564
    I do not like the new MiPLUS License renewal process. I can't tell if I need to renew or not. I can't tell how to navigate, or if I've done anything appropriately. I'm just going to go to Lansing, walk up to the desk, and interact with a Human Being.
  5. by   davriett
    I am also very frustrated because I cannot figure out to use the portal. I have tried calling several times and just keep getting a message to call back later. The time is running short, and I don't want to pay late fees.
  6. by   akkaren
    I also have been trying and after entering information I get an error code so I can't go any further much less actually pay to get my license renewed. I don't even have a pin number. What a mess! Tomorrow I will have to call them.
  7. by   Kitiger
    Quote from Ladyscrubs
    Whoa! just noticed (not quite bright, me) the license is good for three years
    Mine is good for 2 years; 2020.