Please Help Trying to Figure Out Which School!! Thanks Everyone

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to figure out which school to attend.

    The ones I am deciding on are Baker College, Davenport University, and Madonna University all of these in Michigan.

    Has anyone ever attended one of these? Or heard anything regarding their Nursing Programs?

    As well I am trying to decide between an RN or a BSN? What do you all think, is there a difference in pay?

    My whole goal is to become a CRNA, and know I will need to receive a bachelors, but would still like the details!

    Regarding these schools, could you let me know either good or bad what you all may have heard, or
    experienced? As well how are their admissions?

    One thing I want to know is how is Davenports accredidation compared to Baker?

    Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing your response.

    Take Care, Kay
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    I did not go to any of those schools however I have heard Madonna is very expensive. I have an associates degree. The biggest difference I have heard in pay is like 50 cents to a dollar but not for sure. My plan is let the hospital help pay for my bachelors degree later.
  4. by   Rose_Caring1
    Hi Kay,

    If your ultimate goal is to become a CRNA, then your first goal should be to get your BSN. When you finally want to start taking nursing anesthesia classes, you probably won't want to go back and start nursing classes again! It's much easier to get your bachelor's degree now. If you've investigated the CRNA program, you'll know that you need at least a year of ICU/ER nursing.

    I got my BSN at Wayne State, so I can't help you too much with the schools you listed, but I do agree with the previous poster - Madonna is expensive. I'm not 100% certain but I don't think Baker offers a BSN program (if you decide to pursue that route).

    Best of luck to you with your nursing career!
  5. by   jessi1106
    Had a friend who went to Madonna...She was happy with the education...I went to a different 4 year...basically, they all teach the same material...we all have to pass NCLEX.

    I agree with other posters, BSN would be best first route if you want to be CRNA.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   LEM1234
    I went to Baker College for my ADN and they have the NLN accreditation in addition to being approved by the state. They will also have a BSN program starting soon. They have no waiting list for the program. If you don't get in, you just don't get in. no list. That being said, Baker was an ok school but if I had to do it over again I would not go there. I had several issues while I went there and frankly the administration at the school disgusts me. At one point, I had to drop two classes when my Dad had a hemmorhagic stroke, was in the ICU for 2 weeks, and then died. They were going to fail me because of this. And yes, before I dropped the classes I went and even spoke to the vice-president of academics about my situation. Everyone knew what happened, and the director of nursing said "I can't give you a break, because then I'd have to give everyone a break, and I hear this stuff all the time" while I was sitting in her office, death certificate in hand. DON'T GO THERE!
  7. by   Stephanie K
    I'm getting my BSN from Oakland. I had a friend at Baker and she had a terrible time transfering her credits elsewhere (I believe they're on quarters instead of semesters or maybe it's trimesters?). If you complete your program there then it probably won't matter about transferring credits.

    I agree with Rose completely, I would definietly go for the BSN if your goal is CRNA. An extra 2 years would be worth it.

    I'm not much help sorry! Have you looked into other schools in the area like Oakland, Wayne, Macomb (ADN), U of M or Detroit Mercy? What's making you decide between those 3?