New Grad RN moving to Michigan, ANY JOBS?????

  1. Hi everyone

    I am a recent new graduate Registered Nurse with my BSN from Denver Colorado. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Michigan within the next month or so for his teaching job in Howell, MI. I have been looking for jobs out there but have not had any luck so far with any new grad postings. I think we are planning on living in the Ann Arbor area but I don't mind driving a little to a hospital outside the area. Does anyone know of any hospitals that are hiring new grads?????? Any advice would be helpful. I hope it is not like Colorado. There are absolutely NO new grad positions out here! Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    There's not much here either.
  4. by   a_damsel
    ^ Agreed. The job market is not very good here either. I'm a new grad also and have been job hunting for a month since being licensed. No call backs, just generic email responses stating they are "pursuing other candidates." I don't believe there are no jobs out there, but finding one I will probably take a few months and may involve looking outside the major hospitals for the short-term.
  5. by   Anne36
    I dont mean to pry, but how did your boyfriend get a job teaching here? Those jobs are not easy to come by either with so many school closing and teachers have been layed off here.
  6. by   Momfirstalways
    He got a job in teaching because he is male. As a former teacher I know the job situations. There are so many teachers out of work which is why I have to go back to nursing but can't seem to get a job. I have 8 years of nursing experience. what the heck! Michigan is a difficult place to move to now. Congratulations on your mans teaching job.
  7. by   kbokeefe
    I would go to The University of Michigan Hospital is looking for a lot of nurses. Experienced or not. That is how I got my job working at the Breast Cancer Imaging center. Also once you get into their doors it will be a lot easier to find other jobs in different departments.
  8. by   AmyInMI
    Good luck finding jobs in that area. I live in Lansing and just graduated and have a few classmates who live in the Howell/ Ypisilanti area and very few of us are having any luck landing a job in the hospital unless you are an internal candidate. Good luck and welcome to the area!
  9. by   2121xxx
    hi. i live in california. coincidentally, I used to live in the howell area for a while, long ago (around 1976).

    i looked up job opportunities for graduate nurses in the U of M system, and came up blank.

    here's the link to my search

    What about the East Lansing area, home of Michigan State U? Howell is about at the midpoint between U of M and MSU.

    good luck.

    my experience in my neck of the woods as an LVN (LPN) at nursing homes and a locked psych facility in Northern California is that the Great Recession has resulted in a great logjam in nursing hiring. Retired and semi-retired nurses have come out of the woodwork and taken the available shifts and are clutching their shifts in a death grip -- not going to let them go. Their home equity and retirement savings took a huge hit, and their partners are often out of a job, or have poorer jobs. Those already employed before the Great Recession have often expanded their hours. I am an LVN (LPN) who works in nursing homes and in a locked long-term psych facility, and the gigs I used to be able to be working at the day I showed up at the door now get dozens and dozens of applicants. One place I recently checked on got 85 applicants. At these gigs, it used to be that they'd have me working the day I showed up, and they'd deal with the paperwork later -- no more. One place that has been my bread and butter for decades has ZERO turnover, whereas in the past, they couldn't get anyone to even apply. The salad days of unlimited double shifts are long gone for now, maybe to never come back for the foreseeable future, because the decent-paying manufacturing and factory jobs in this area have gone from plentiful to just about non-existent in the past 20-30 years. Males are coming into nursing in increasing number because they have families to feed, and no "Johnny Lunchbucket" jobs to earn money with, so they suck it up and adapt to being nurses, when it is not what they would prefer, but what they have to do to survive.

    I sent feelers out to move back to Michigan a couple of years ago, thinking of moving back The gigs I could have had for the asking up by greater Tawas, MI are now completely locked up.

    The manufacturing and factory jobs are being outsourced overseas whenever possible. Fortunately, you can't outsource nursing jobs overseas, but you CAN bring overseas nurses here, which is what happens. The Filipinos consider nursing in America to be the great hope for many of their extended families. they are HIGHLY MOTIVATED by family pressure. A good piece of the Filipino economy depends on American nursing jobs.

    Straying off the subject a bit.

    Good luck to you.
  10. by   tthor5220
    Ex-Michigander here. Try the Ann Arbor VA. The VA can be a difficult place to be with the politics and bureaucracy, but the pay and benefits are excellent. And jealous of you moving to Ann Arbor. Its a great town!
  11. by   99percentangel
    Interesting! I'm a new RN grad moving to Denver, Colorado, looking for work. Have been a LPN more than 30 years, but no one cares about THAT experience. I understand that hospitals are the first to turn away new grads, but does anyone know of other local places I could look?

  12. by   meher
    I would recommend you not to discourage with any of the comments above.
    Apply at DMC . They have about 9 hospitals operating under them. Apply thru their website. I got job offer from 3 of them in 2 weeks time period. I am a new BSN Grad. But I was totally frustated before i got job offer. I almost applied at 70-80 positions in detroit area. No luck for last 2-3 months.
    Then It all happens all of a sudden!!! 3 jobs in 2 weeks )
    So Please think positive and be optimistic.
    Good lucj
  13. by   OCUnurse

    I've been applying constantly too! I've had problems with the BON "processing" all my paperwork. It ended up taking about 12 weeks.

    Did you already have your license when you were offered DMC positions?

    I should be testing in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for your help!
  14. by   pamssister
    I am a new grad here and was hired in April. Our facility (Havenwyck Psychiatric Hospital) seems to always be looking for midnight nurses. A couple from my class were hired at Detroit Receiving, with a few taking LTC positions. Many were hired into their clinical locations. Six people immediately left the state for work elsewhere. I also heard that the VA hospital would take new grads, but the hiring process could take 5-6 months. Good luck.