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  1. by   spacedoubt
    Quote from MIKelly
    Thanks for the professor advice .

    Still no letter from the nursing program today. I got all flustered when I saw mail from the college in my box this morning until I realized it said statement on the envelope . They sure mail those out fast.
    Of course they do cause they want our money but they don't want to tell us the good stuff. : ( I'm still waiting also... The wait is killing me
  2. by   linux7
    I have been checking my mailbox every day. But since last few day I am not getting a single mail that is addressed to me.

    Most of you guys are MCC student, Can you find out what is going on from the nursing department?

  3. by   linux7
    Look what I found!

    It seem to me that they got their letter around March 30th of 2004. I hope to get my in a few more days. Hopefully it is positive.
  4. by   whoopdedoo
    We got ours (2005) the last week of March. I asked around at school and they will be mailed out around next week.:wink2:
  5. by   deftonez188
    I've been observing this site since about last April, never really posted. I was wondering if I have a decent shot at getting in, I mean I know now that they're sending the acceptance/rej. letters next week, just nervous I guess.
    GPA 3.85 HESI 94.50%

    My mom's been a Nurse for over 20 years, and i'd love to follow her footsteps, I also hear they could use some more guys, bah i'm just rambling

    I know i'm competition but think I have a shot?
  6. by   linux7
    Quote from whoopdedoo
    We got ours (2005) the last week of March. I asked around at school and they will be mailed out around next week.:wink2:

    If they are mailing it out next week we will be getting it mid next month. That sucks.

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate you keeping us updated on the admission process.
  7. by   whoopdedoo
    If they are mailed out next week, you will get them next week. I usually get my bill from them within 24-48 hrs of registering for classes. If you live in Macomb Co. you will usually get them the day after they are mailed out.
  8. by   MySimplePlan
    Good luck to all of you waiting for that precious letter. It wasn't long ago that I was, too, and I remember that feeling. It is what gets me through another hour of studying, another night or afternoon of giving up something fun to get through nursing school.

    Whenever I get fed up, discouraged, just sick to death of studying one more thing, I remember how gut-wrenching it was just to want to have a chance to prove I could do it. It motivates me every time, it really does.

    When you get that letter - and you will, have faith!! - remember these days and how you're feeling. You'll have no problem picking up those books again.
  9. by   MIKelly
    Somebody lied. Check your mailbox .
  10. by   linux7
    Quote from MIKelly
    Somebody lied. Check your mailbox .
    Yes, They did. I just got my letter. It said Congratulations!