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  1. Can anyone comment on how difficult/easy would it be taking pharm and/or A&PII along with the nursing courses.
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    It would be a huge pain in the a$$. I took the last psy during 1st semester of classes and when everyone else was going home to study for the test...I was still at school. While psy is a relatively easy class it was still hard to juggle the 3 classes (psy and 2 nursing classes) Mind you I am a good student (had a 4.0 going into the program) but it still is difficult. I also know someone who took A&P II during the 1st semester of the program and failed out. He passed A&P though. :-/ I HIGHLY suggest take them during the spring or summer. It will make your life a lot eaisier!
  4. by   rn2b2011
    Thanks oguesswhat, that is exactly what I needed to hear!
  5. by   JazzyOneRN
    Im on the waiting list and I still have to take Pharm and A&P 1 & 2...Will they admit you into the program with these classes not being finished or do you HAVE TO complete them while your waiting to get into the program
  6. by   oguesswhat
    If you go in the fall you have to have A&P 1 competed but you can have 1 of the 2 other classes not finished. Not a very good idea though. If you get in the winter you must have both A&P finished first.
  7. by   Veruka
    I took A&P 2 with my nursing classes 1st semester (I started in fall). It is doable, but not advisable. I managed to get B's in all of them (I was also a 4.0 going in), but if I took the A&P alone I would have gotten an A. Get them out of the way ASAP.
  8. by   ToBANurse2010
    It will be difficult to take A&PII with a nursing course . Although it can be done. I wouldn't advise it. I say take all pre-requsite out of the way. Nursing courses is stresful enough.
  9. by   Just_An_Illusion
    Hi there-

    I would NOT recommend that at all!:uhoh21: Get all of your pre-reqs out of the way before starting nursing school. While in nursing school, your main focus should be on nursing school classes only. Do not increase odds of failing due to over extending yourself. Not saying this will be your fate but don't take that gamble. Make the road as easy to travel as possible because nursing school is no joke.

    Good luck to you!
  10. by   RN2B73
    I guess anything is possible I wouldn't do it!!!!! I'm second year and I see people fail out who are only taking nursing classes, its just not worth it to chance it....good luck with your decision
  11. by   J9G2008
    No, the first semester is especially overwhelming in NS, and I think that you need to give it all the room in your brain that you have. Yes, you can get on the waitlist before all the prereqs are done, then finish up the prereqs in the meantime. I highly recommend knocking off stinky classes, like Chem, or A&P, in the 8-week sessions.
  12. by   Christy1019
    I HIGHLY recommend you don't take them at the same time, the NSG classes require enough time and effort on their own and A&P is also very demanding, besides you have to take a pharmacology test in the first semester of the program that is pass/fail (doesn't affect your grade but if you fail it you fail the program) so taking pharmacology in advance will prepare you for it rather than taking it at the same time and not covering everything prior to the exam. The person that posted earlier that they took those classes simultaneously is definately the exception to the rule, I personally have never known anyone to pass when taking those classes all at once..