Eastern Michigan University Traditional (BSN) Nursing Program Fall 2013

  1. Hello all!

    I just turned in my application today and was wondering if anyone has heard what the exact cut off point was for the point system for last years applicants. I've heard rumors of 153 and 155. If anyone has heard anything I would appreciate the response!


    -B. Conrado
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  3. by   tmccormi25
    Hello, I am new to this site. I haven't seen any posts on here regarding applying to EMU since 2012. Has anyone applied to the program in hopes to get accepted for this fall? I have applied to both porgrams, and am antsy to learn my fate.
  4. by   Technicolourhobo

    I'm looking to apply for Fall 2014 admission. I'm not sure what the cutoff is, but can you tell me what you know about the point system? Good luck!
  5. by   Technicolourhobo

    I'm applying for next year. Do you have any advice? Good luck!
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  6. by   tmccormi25
    It seems anyone who has taken their pre-reqs at EMU has the best chance. I did not take my pre-reqs there, so we will see. I think letters come out in mid-June. Thank you for the thread
  7. by   tmccormi25
    I have heard all different things I feel like. I applied for this year too, and am waiting to see what the letters say come mid-June. I applied to both programs, and I have heard that 150 is low on the points standings. I haven't taken any of my pre-reqs at EMU (to save money I took them at a local community college) so that will be the only thing that hurts me. My theory is that every year each application pool is different, so even though point cut-offs were one number one year, they may be different this year. Fingers crossed to see what happens.
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
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  9. by   beydojam
    I also applied to both programs, the traditional and second degree program. I am excited to hear whether or not I get in. Best of luck to you and everybody else!
  10. by   tmccormi25
    Good luck to you too! I am ready to just find out already. This month long wait is too long! Have you heard any rumors as to how big the application pool was, etc? Did you take your pre-reqs at EMU?
  11. by   beydojam
    I haven't heard about this year. I took all my prereq's at a community college but took nursing 110 at eastern. I know I'm on the border from last year in therms of points but I'm trying to stay positive. How about you?
  12. by   tmccormi25
    I am trying to stay positive as well. That's the best thing to do! All of my pre-reqs were at community college like I said before. I did not take Nursing 110, but have 2 A's and a B in my 3 science pre-reqs, all of my points on the TEAS, and a lot of healthcare experience hours. What about you, if you don't mind sharing? I believe I am on the border as well, but like I said, I feel like it also depends on the other types of applicants that apply. When I was waiting to take my TEAS test there were people in the hallway still studying! It shocked me!
  13. by   beydojam
    I got all a's in terms of prereq's, all points on the teas, and healthcare experience. Yeah that teas test was pretty hard but I actually ended up doing well on it so I was pretty relieved.
  14. by   B5421
    Hello everyone best of luck with your application.
    I applied last year with all pre reqs at eastern with 2 As and a B in science classes. I had 15/20 on teas and no health care experience. I ended up having 150 points I know this because I went and talked to an advisor. She said I was just short of getting in. I reapplied this year with adding points for taking nursing 110. Hope this helps!
    Best of luck!