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Any students from Southeastern Michigan? I see a huge California, New England, Tri-State, VA-MD, and Western Central US presence but rarely anyone from MI, so I was curious. Hello all! I hail... Read More

  1. by   shudva
    Good luck tlanise, everyone has to do what is best for their situation. I think that is one of the schools that I looked into. Is that the school that is in Canton?
  2. by   dturnin
    Are you all glad you took pre-reqs first. I am, I could only imagine what it would be like trying to get it all in. What ya think?
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  3. by   StinkMomBomb
    AAAAWWWW, I'm so excited for you all! Graduated from OU cohort C in April and now have a job in an LTAC hospital! Hope all of you have the wonderful experience of working under --------------- (in my opinion everyone should). Do not forget a single thing you learned in Pharm, relate evrything back to how it works on a cellular level ( I promise this makes it easier to understand), and take advantage of your clinical time. This year of your life goes by sooo fast and before you know it...NCLEX!!

    I refer so many people to OU's program because I really do believe in what they're doing. Every nurse there really and truly loves and respects nursing and that makes such as inspiring experience for a student. Ask ------ about her first day as psyche nurse manager!..

    Every student that took the NCLEX from my class passed on their first try, so do not resist how things are being done. You will not change the program, let the program change you! Cohorts B and C were the guinee pigs for all of you to have a smooth ride , so make us proud.

    I have learned that the nursing community albeit large, is small. You never know how far someones reach is. Be what you want people to think you are all the time, even if you think no one is looking, BE A NURSE!!!



    Post back often...
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  4. by   bubblegumlipgloss
    Thank you for the beautiful inspirational message. I am in cohort F and going into med-surg 2. I am going to graduate in August. It was a struggle but I must say a good one. I can't wait to stand on the that stairway in my white and take my picture. I've had ----------------- and I absoutely love her, she has taught me so much. Congratulations and my God Bless you.
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  5. by   rvd4now
    how is everyone doing..

    my gosh how time flys, Im in my med surg rotation now and so far this class is going well. starting in jan we will began our med surg clincal which is really exciting.
  6. by   sross9889
    Hi DT,

    Im thinking about going to OU's riverview as well. it seems as if it may fit with my work schedule. How many days a week do you attend class? i see some of the same lecture numbers on tuesday and wednesday. do u have lecture both days or one or the other
  7. by   rvd4now
    finshed aug1