Anyone applying to WCCCD for Fall 2007

  1. I am new to allnurses and this is my very first post. Is anyone planning on applying to WCCCD for Fall 2007. I have finished all my prereq's and am hoping that I am accepted. I have to take the NET test in March. Is that test hard? I am really nervous about it. TIA for any input.
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  3. by   kimrn09
    Hello, I am applying for fall of 2007. I took the NET last year and for me, math was the hardest part of it. If you study hard you will do just fine. Good luck!
  4. by   Just_An_Illusion
    I am also applying for their program this fall. I've already took the NET but the reading part was more challenging for me - I got a little tricky. But I passed!!:roll I'm finishing up A&P II and Micro this semester and I'll will be finished with pre-req's. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Nursegirlgg
    Hello to everyone! I am applying for the fall also and good luck to everybody.
  6. by   Sweet James
    I'm just starting my pre-reqs this Summer - but interested to hear how your first semester goes. Congrats on getting accepted!

  7. by   Syncere
    i'll be finished with my prerequisites after this semester is over and i'm debating whether or not if i will apply in the fall or next january. i won't be taking the net until april. this past year has been stressful for me, so i think i might wait until january so that i can take a break from science classes before beginning nursing school. i have heard that there are usually less applicants for january. as long as i get an a in a&p 250, i'll be going in with a 3.5. i guess i'll make up my mind before the end of april. good luck to the rest of you!
  8. by   missgigius

    I submitted my application on Wednesday, March 28 and now the wait begins!

    Prayerfully I will be getting one of the letters with the happy face on it over the summer.

    And a tip to all of those that will be applying soon, make sure you have attended the information session prior to the application meeting in order to get a clear understanding of what you are expected to bring when you submit you application because I saw quite a few people get turned away for not having everything that they needed. Also, make contact with the NURSING DEPARTMENT only to ask any questions about the nursing program or the application process.