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Nursegirlgg's Latest Activity

  1. Nursegirlgg

    Need Help!!!

    Well, guys I went back up to Brown Mackie and will be starting May 29.:balloons:
  2. Hi! Does anyone know anything about Professional Skills Institute in Toledo Ohio. They hae a LPN program and if anyone can provide any info it will be helpful.:balloons:
  3. Nursegirlgg

    Anyone applying to WCCCD for Fall 2007

    Hello to everyone! I am applying for the fall also and good luck to everybody.
  4. Nursegirlgg

    I Passed!

    Congrats! to all of you that passed and much success to you all.
  5. Nursegirlgg

    Anyone know brown mackie college in ohio???

    I suppose to start Jan o7 but trying to switch my start date to Feb 1. How do you like it so far and which campus are you attending? Findley for me.
  6. Nursegirlgg

    ADN--should i just give up?

    It is your dream so catch it! Don't beat up on yourself because it is hard and everything is not easy for everybody. Get help because it can be the instructors that you are not getting and making it harder than it is. Find a format for you to understand it and come out correct. You can do it, you will stand in the rain and get wet because that is life, however the sun will shine and it will be brighter. The world and everything that's in it is yours if you want it.
  7. Nursegirlgg

    Thank you Lord...I finally passed my PN exam!

    Congrad's to you and you be the best that u can. May God continue to walk with you and carry u when needed. GG
  8. Nursegirlgg

    WCCCD-Who applied for January?

    Congrads to you and you guys will do well