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I am attending my second quarter at Baker flint. I love this school (although some of the students are bit of a joke) and some of the teachers (My math teacher is kinda well dumb i guess her famous... Read More

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    Hi Robin,
    I am still trying to figure that part out, my not getting in made absolutely no sense to anybody I spoke with. Mind you though I am not the only one and I will say that some of the people that got in for Jan 07 were a big surprise to me as I would have never thought they would make the cut. Bonnie Waite gives off a lot of false hope to the pre nurse students. I feel the bottom line over there is not necessarily about the students success and wellbeing.
    My current plans have fluctuated all over the place; from LPN program to Repiratory therapy, I am currently looking into LPN program through a vocational school as that would be my best option to gaining my RN at this point. Time is an issue for me now and I am hoping that one of the few irons I have in the fire will come through. I do not want to drive 2 hrs for school, I have done that for a few jobs, in particular one in Rochester Hills, no fun even in the summer. I have faith and believe that something will pan out for me.
    PM me if you would like, I would be happy to talk more!
    How did you not get it? If you did well on the HESI had a 3.96 if you did not get in on the first try the second try should have sealed the deal. Did you have transfer credits? Did you repeat courses?