advice needed - timeline of OCC LPN vs RN program?

  1. Hi everyone. I would sincerely appreciate it if those 'in the know' about OCC's nursing programs could assist me with my decision.

    So, I did not get into the ADN RN program for fall of 2011. I had a 3.824 gpa in the prerequisite courses required for the ADN RN program.

    Here is my basic dillemna. I don't know whether to go for the LPN program or try again for the ADN program.

    Here is why I am thinking so hard about this, and please shed light on this if you can:

    - The timeline for the LPN program, and then the transitional LPN to RN program. From my basic understanding after looking at the brochures on the OCC website, if I were to apply for the next LPN program and get in, the LPN program would start in January of 2012 and then end in Marchishof 2013. The bridge program from LPN to RN would start in like July of 2013 and then end in December of 2014. Did I get the timeline right?


    - retake the three prerequisite courses that were not straight A's (for me this would be A and P 1 that I originally had a B in, Eng comp 2 and american government that were both A - grades).


    - applying for the ADN RN program for fall of 2012. My understanding of the timeline of that, is that I would start in fall of 2012 and then be complete in may of 2014. Plus, if by any miracle they did have the accelerated program next application cycle, it would be even faster for a start date of May of 2012 and an end date of august/september of 2013.

    So I would still be done with my RN degree faster (accelerated or not) if I waited for the ADN RN program versus starting the LPN program right? This makes me want to wait for the ADN RN program instead of doing LPN. However, I am itching to start, and the thought of being able to start in January versus having to wait until next year september (possibly may) to begin the ADN RN program...well I want to start nursing school.

    I hate this! I wish I had just gotten in. There's nothing I can do about the past, and I am trying to focus on what I can do now instead of crying lol.

    My biggest concerns, if anyone can shed any light on them:

    - I remember reading something on these boards awhile ago about the transitional program being offerred like only on even years or something? Which would mean that it wouldn't be offerred to start in 2013? Or was it odd years? or am I just confused?

    Please help!!
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  3. by   JaaaeyRN
    As far as I know, Bridge to RN program offers only 'EVEN' year. So it will start June or July 2012, 2014, 2016...

    If I were you, I would try to put yourself in any of OCC or any school nursing program. Just to feel the hack of it! This year LPN program at OCC, I know few people have dropped out of the program. Some people included myself struggled with Pharmacology. We just started in school clinical last week, let me tell you. It's not a piece of cake! All the energy and money involved!

    LPN is not a bad start. It's 99% identical as RN. All of the instructors I have so far said the same.

    I was in your situation last year too. I have all my prereq for RN done. I retook some of the classes that I have B+ and A- just to re boost my GPA and now my GPA for RN is same as yours. However, I am already in the LPN school.

    My suggestion is 'RELAX', there are other options for you to choose. Again, If I were you, I would try to get into LPN, just to see if you like the nursing or not. You will know how it like in a nursing school. I don't like to wait. I know if I get my LPN cert. in hand. I can start working as a LPN and if I get hired anywhere. I can continue my education later on.

    Now, a nursing school is tough and it's a very difficult hand-on profession. I have never known it until I am in the school myself. Now I feel every nursing student's pain! (not even a single of opioids can help! LOL).

    Good luck to you with your decision!
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  4. by   OB-nurse2013
    Okay I just want to jump in here. Have you thought about transferring to a different school? Your GPA is great and I just think it's crazy for someone with as good grades as you have of waiting around aanother year to take your chances at the ADN program or doing the whole LPN to RN program when you could probably finish your BSN in the same amount of time or even faster. Just my
    Whatever you chose good luck and don't be down because a 3.8 is an awesome GPA and any nursing school would be lucky to have you
  5. by   JaaaeyRN
    Quote from iluvpatho
    .... doing the whole LPN to RN program when you could probably finish your BSN in the same amount of time or even faster. Just my ...)
    Well, I have heard by so many people from what you mentioned here and been asked why I don't do RN or even BSN when I already have few degrees in hands. And as for me, there is not much difference from ADN to LPN (PNE).

    ADN takes 2 years; conversely, LPN takes 1 year and MCL/PNE takes 1 year and it results in 2 years total. You might have to have a job or being hired before you get accepted to MCL/PNE but at least you have an experience being an LPN and continue your career as RN.

    The only thing I think right now is will I make through the program. What if I didn't pass two courses in the program and I would be fail out!?! A friend of my closed friend was in her 2nd year OCC RN program and failed her very last class. And she is official out of the program and of course she wasted her almost 2 years in the program. And what if you do 4 years degree? OCC nursing school allows you to fail 2 times in all nursing course. Fail once, you are still fine. Fail twice, you are OUT! Not to mention how you will be treated in the school. You think your A&P is tough, wait until you get in Pharm or Foundation. I am writing from my experience. There's no joke in a nursing school. I know you can try Macomb, Schoolcraft, so on so forth. If you are a transfered student, you probably have to do other requirements that are subjected to be different from each school. I decide that LPN would be good for me because I would know what I put myself into. I know some people in my class have done their pre-req from RN but chose the LPN route because they didn't want to wait another whole year. Like I said different school might be work for someone. For me, I don't want to retake Microbiology which I took without lab and Macomb and many other school require with Lab. I didn't try Second career RN/BSN because they require many other advance courses such advanced math, biology, etc at OU, MSU, UofM...

    It's my 2cents. Think about it and debate the pros and cons. For me, it's all about TIME! I got accepted, I took it! What if I didn't take it, I would have to wait another year with my 3.86 GPA. It's ridiculous!

    Do what you think it is best for you. If you have questions about LPN program, feel free to drop me a line. I feel your pain since I didn't make it in last year either. Now I feel a pain as a NS too!

    so Congrats to all who make it in, and keep on moving to whom are making decision. There are many doors open whether you take a direct route or alternative way!
  6. by   OB-nurse2013
    jaaaey- i understand your position, I just was giving my opinion from my own experience. For me I transferred before applying to the adn program because thats what worked for me and I will graduate with my BSN at the same time I would have graduated with my ADN, possibly 6 months longer but to me it just worked. I think everyone just has to do whats right for them but either way a 3.8 GPA is great and not getting accepted with that is crazy.
  7. by   IHeartPeds87
    Thanks for the advice everyone! I am bummed that the LPN transition to RN is only offerred every even year...meaning if I did the LPN route i'd hae to wait another year before I could transition. So I don't think I want to do that.

    iluvpatho- do you mind me asking what you ended up doing? Where did you transfer to? What are you up to now? I agree, it does suck that with a 3.8 in the prereqs i have to wait.

    In terms of OCC, i'm just scared. I mean the gpa is so high right now, seriousely, that next year it will probably be a 3.9 something and they are gonna get to a point where everyone will have 4.0's! What are they gonna do then? I fear that they may change the requirements all together before the next application cycle, and then i will really be screwed!
  8. by   MarieFitz
    This message is for want2beanursesoon
    I don't post too often, hardly at all. But I do lurk often and just had to respond to your post because I'm in the same position as you are in My gpa is almost exactly the same as yours ( 3.82xx) and when I received my letter I was highly disappointed also. I couldn't believe the gpa was going to be that high. And when I read your post you sound just like me. The classes you are repeating are the same classes that I am repeating to get that A. And yes it does stink when you have to repeat classes that you got a A- in. I have to do the same. Your plan is exactly what I am doing. I am retaking my classes over this summer which I already registered ahead of time in case something like this was going to happen. And if I don't end up with As in those classes, I am also going to apply for the LPN. I'm sorry you did not get in, but I just want to let you know your not alone
  9. by   Anne36
    Want2be and Marie, I agree with Jaaaey. I never retook a class and it sounds so disheartening. I would be totally going for the LPN if I were you. ( all the classes are at Southfield tho, if location is a deciding factor for you) I purposely choose this route not because of GPA (I had a 4.0) but because I wanted to get into a job much faster and because I am a laid back type of person and did not want the 2 year program. I like having my breaks. This summer we get 2 months off and then its just 1 more school year. I will take my NCLEX and then get an LPN job, chill out and then go back for the RN (1 more year) after I have made some money and saved for it.
  10. by   IHeartPeds87
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    To MarieFitz- I'm sorry you are in my club! I know how much it sucks! Still, we can't give up. We will be GREAT nurses!

    I had a meeting with a counselor at Highland today and thought i'd share the info I learned. Some was good and some was bad.

    The Good - I was concerned about the admissions procedure drastically changing and basically screwing us (people who were close this time around but didn't make it in) over. The counselor assured me that any drastic changes couldn't happen this quickly. He said he had been a counselor for over 16 years, and the last time OCC made a drastic change to their admissions for nursing they grandfathered in people who would have been screwed by the transition. So he said even if they do drastically change the procedure they wouldn't let it affect us.

    The Bad - LPN transition to RN program is, as another poster stated, offered only every even year. This means that if, lets say, me and you both did the LPN program starting January 2012 it would be over In like March of 2013. Then we would have to wait until July of 2014 to join the second year ADN RN students, for a graduation date of december 2015! That is too long to wait for me. The counselor reccomended that I not do this, and try instead for the ADN RN program. Granted, in my personal situation (luckily) I am financially okay to wait for the ADN RN program. If finances were more of an issue then the LPN route may be something to consider more strongly (since you can make more money in that year then you would as an ADN student working!).

    MarieFitz - we can't give up! What sections are you enrolled in for the classes you are repeating? Maybe we could take the same ones and help each other study! I will p.m you

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. It's a really hard situation but i'm doing my best to not get to down. I am looking for work as a caregiver and i'm trying to see the positive in the situation!
  11. by   MarieFitz
    I agree, one day we will be great nurses. And you're right, we should not give up. For the summer session I signed up for Government with Dubin and for Comp 2 with Helminski. Are you taking any classes in the summer?
  12. by   JaaaeyRN

    I don't know you talked to the nursing counselor or just academic counselor. But here what I got from the nursing instructor who is of course one of the program coordinators.

    She said RNE program which is the so called "bridge program"
    Application Deadline is Oct 15, 2013 (NO GPA base criteria of admission)
    The program starts Winter 2014 (it actually starts in Jan 2014)

    For example, you apply this year before Oct 15, 2011. Program starts Winter 2012 (Jan 2012). You will be done your MCL-PNE (LPN program) around May 2013. So You actually are in the right timing. Because I remember that we were told that LPN 2011 class--my class has to wait one year!

    So if you decide to do LPN, you will be fine, you will have only few months break which is good in my opinion.

    (I just pull out the "bible" of nursing student aka nursing student handbook! to look at the timing and details.)

    Best source for you is to talk to the nursing coordinator or better yet one of the program coordinators.