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I am looking for Michigan nurses;)

I just graduated from an ADN program and I am interested in getting involved in nursing politics in Michigan. ie. Michiagn Nurses Association. Does anyone know of any other organizations out there to get involved with? I will be working OB-LDR/Postpartum on days. Thanks much!



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Hey you are in luck or maybe not. The Michigan Nurses Association is a charter member of the ANA. When you join the Michigan Nurses Association like it our not you will be sending money to the ANA to support them. I hope you enjoy your nursing future at the bedside. Of course this is sarcasm.

But in all sincerity, welcome aboard. There are specialty organizations that are available for you to join. They are very helpful with your field of practice. They offer education and other things to help you along plus certifications.


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Thanks wildtimes!!:)

I am not sure what to get involved with quite yet, there doesn't seem to be much out there for OB except AWHONN? I know of no others specific to OB nursing. But, the MNA may be a good start for now. Bedside nursing.....hmmm.....I am excited about OB, but my desire is to teach eventually. We need nurses!

Thanks again for your wisdom.


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Maybe I should introduce myself.....I didn't mean to turn the thread into just questions about politics. :o Sorry!

I just want to meet other nurses from Michigan. I am from the West (Grand Rapids), and just graduated from GRCC. I am excited about being a nurse!! A little nervous about the NCLEX, but would love to hear advice from experienced nurses.

Have a joyous holiday everyone :)



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First do not sweat about the NCLEX exam. It is intimidating, but if you were studying and can use good judgement you will have no problems.

Check on the OB part of this board and you find a lot of nurses willing to help you.

I am kind of wondering why you went the nursing route if you really want to teach.

Yes, we need nurses, but we do not need to run off the ones we already have by cutting their throats. We are just starting to see things starting to change because of the pressure and power we have today to force it. Inacting legislation to make it easier to replace nurses will only stall the progress we could make.


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Well...I want to teach nursing eventually, but I didn't know it until I was already half way through nursing school. It's something I want to do later on in life...35, 40, ect.

I will check the OB board as well. Thanks.:)

aimeee, BSN, RN

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Greetings, Heidi! Checking in from the southwest corner of Michigan here. Good luck on your NCLEX (I'm sure you will do just fine!) and enjoy your job in OB. OB was one area I had originally wanted to work in but LTC called me first so I went to the other end of the spectrum. Now I work in Hospice. If life's a circle, pretty soon I should end up in OB!


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I'm from MIchigan too! Welcome aboard!! Good luck with NCLEX!!! Sorry I couldn't help you with your question.


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Hi Aimee! Hi Askater!

Nice to meet you both....thanks for the good luck wishes on the NCLEX exam! I've begun studying, i didn't realize how much I's actually learned-WOW!

That's the wonderful part of nursing askater, being able to work wherever....it's gives us nurses lots of options in our career! I'm sure you'll end up in OB someday! I would like to work some hospice aside from OB nursing too...but need to accomplish one thing at a time: NCLEX, orientation, ect.

Take care....:p



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Aimee-what part of MI? My entire family is from Niles, MI. ;)



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From over by Battle Creek, which is where I work. A few months ago Jennifer Granholm was asked to issue an opinion on whether mandatory overtime was legal or not. Her answer was that she saw nothing in law that supported it. She will be running soon for the democratic nomination, along with Jim Blanchard, perhaps you may want to look into working on a campaign for her. That is what I plan on doing. MNA represents Sparrow Hospital for their union, recently a strike was averted when a settlement was reached, however it is worth noting that the contract language does not forbid mandatory overtime. For myself I am not sure if MNA is what I would wish to work with or not. I have swung back and forth about that. I can't help but feel that an organization that is also bargaining for nurses should above all else ensure that mandatory overtime is not able to be utilized in any setting they represent. I am interested in looking to support Jennifer Granholm though.

Welcome to nursing, and to allnurses. You'll find many interesting things in both places.


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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Hi, just wanted to say HI and welcome!

From the Buckeye State

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