Miami Dade competitive?


I was thinking about applying to the accelerated RN program at Miami Dade College. I graduate in may w/ a BS in health studies and currently have a 3.37 gpa, but I hope to bring it up by graduation. Is my gpa even good enough? Does anyone know of any nursing programs that would accept a 3.3? Let me know please...Thanks!


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Well my GPA is 3.3 and I just got into PBCC. Not sure if it is to far of a drive.



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cutoff for last group admitted was around 3.8. It all depends upon the quality of the applicant pool you are up against so it could very from cohort to cohort bit cutoff holds pretty steady from 3.7-3.8 based on my experience having been a student at MDC


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I applied for this fall term a few months ago and got rejected with a 3.47. I also had friends with 3.71 and 3.79 who got rejectedfor this fall . For this fall term the cutoff was about 3.8. Like another poster mentioned it all depends on the other applicants whom your competing against. Id like to mention though that anything below a 3.5 stands very little/no chance of being accepted unfortunately. With a 3.3 i believe you can get into UM the only problem is the cost.


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I got accepted to both the bridge and generic MDC ADN program options with a 3.26. I just got accepted to the BSN program with the same GPA. I am not sure about all the criteria that they look at when selecting students. I can tell you that my math and science grades were very high and maybe that helped. I would not give up hope just yet. Just apply and see what happens.

Also, not everything from your bachelors will be transfered so your GPA will probably be much higher.