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MGH BSN Summer 2015


Is anyone else applying to the MGH Accelerated BSN program for Summer 2015? How is everyone feeling about it??

Hey thanks for starting the thread. The waiting. I submitted mine closee to deadline. Finishing up anatomy and taking psych this winter. What are your stats?


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Hi everyone! The waiting is awful! I'm finishing up Micro this semester and I submitted my app pretty early.

I've been accepted at Simmons and Bunker Hill for their ASN program. I love Simmons program and I put a deposit down but as a few days ago I've decided to go to Bunker Hill.

I did apply to MGH's scholarship through the diversity statement- so if I were to get that (1/100 chance I think?), which is very unlikely, I'll go to MGH...otherwise I can't swing it financially. I have a Bachelors and Masters already so it has been causing too much anxiety for me thinking about debt etc.

I hope we hear closer to Christmas than January before my other program starts!

lagirl_1989 I submitted mine really close to the deadline too. Normally I submit my apps early but this one had a lot going on! I finished all of my pre-reqs and I got about a 3.5 GPA on them, but I had a couple of classes that I had repeated unfortunately. My first bachelor GPA was just shy of a 3.3. I volunteer at a hospital weekly, but other than that I have no healthcare experience. I'm not sure exactly what they're looking for because a current student mentioned at the info session that his first bachelor GPA was below a 3.0... It seems like they put a lot of weight on life experience/ the personal statement. What are yours?

Skay226 Congrats on getting into school! I agree that the waiting is awful, but at least now you know you'll go somewhere this year for sure. I've been checking my application every day even though I know it will be a while until we know. Have you looked into UMass Boston? Their tuition is pretty reasonable compared to other programs.


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I have looked into UMASS Boston - it is such a tricky program to get into...and I would have to take Chemistry first as they don't allow any prerequisites to be incomplete when applying. By the time I did all that I wouldn't be applying for about another year and then if I ended up not getting in, it would stink! I just want to start my journey towards nursing as soon as possible :yes:

I had a 3.5 in my BS (Health Sciences) and a 3.8 in my Masters (Health Promotion), so far the prerequisites are at 3.9 but I still have Micro to finish so it'll probably end around a 3.6 or so. I do have a lot of healthcare experience and work in the field currently and have done health education for about 5-6 years.

I have an interesting background so that is why I gave the diversity statement a shot but I don't want to only count on that. I'm still very excited to be going into an ASN program if that is what ends up happening. I can always do RN-BSN online or a RN-NP route. I hope all of you get in! I can't wait to hear!

Skay I totally get it! I was fortunate that I took a lot of my pre-reqs in college so it didn't take me too long to finish. I ended up taking 6 classes this past summer so I could apply to all of the schools I wanted to. It seems like a smart idea to dive in as soon as you can.

Sounds like you have a very strong background, I'm sure you'll get in! I filled out the diversity statement too, it seems like it can't hurt. I didn't know that the diversity statement determined who gets a scholarship, where did you find that out?

Hi Everyone! I am going to be starting in the MGH Accelerated Nursing program this January. In case you were curious-- we had an open house over the weekend, and the assistant dean indicated they had received around 300 applications for our cohort, and 120 people were accepted. Just thought you might to get a sense of the odds! :)

Good luck everyone!

@LaurenH38, I believe that for many schools, there are usually fewer applicants for spring.

I've a degree in music performance, 3.5. Not sure what my prerequisite GPA is. I'm nervous because i still have anatomy in progress and will finish psych in february. Still haven't heard from other schools since I'm applying for fall for all schools. All A's and 1 A+ in my other prereqs. Currently volunteering and working with nurses at an outpatient surgery center. Have shadowed NP, MD, and work with a health awareness club. I did complete the diversity statement since I've lived overseas.


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If you read on their site under scholarships. They base the decisions off of diversity, overcoming hardship etc. I was told they find this info in the diversity statement you write. Especially for the John Knowles fellowship. The scholarship awards come with your acceptance so it's based off your application.

LaurenH38 Thanks for the info! At the information session they mentioned that they usually get about 300 applicants for 100 spots so it's good to know that's still true.

lagirl Sounds like you have nothing to worry about with the prereqs. I think since you're doing so well so far the last 2 pre-reqs won't hold as much weight as someone who doesn't have as strong grades. I'm actually doing the same thing for my volunteer work, what a funny coincidence.

Skay Thanks for clarifying, I'm glad I filled that out!

@bostonnrshpfl. i'm applying from California. i think MGH utilizes more of a holistic approach rather than a point by point based system and many people do tend to underestimate the importance of the personal statement. Seems like many applicants are from Boston area. Certainly different out there!

i have looked into UMass program, is it the flagship public school in Massachusetts ?

my application status says submitted. anyone have had any change in application status yet?