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Im a charge nurse on a med/surg unit. I have been wanting to get out of med/surg for a long time (ive been doing it for 5 years and wanted a change.) I worked on Day Surgery the other day for PICC line training and loved it! So much that I enquired about a full time position there. I was told that a position was opening the next week as one of the full time staff was leaving. I did not get a chance to talk to the director that day to enquire more about the position.

I tried calling my director several times to tell her that I was interested in transferring, but did not get an answer. So I filled out a request for transfer form and attached a letter asking if I could transfer to day surgery, that I had learned alot on my unit, etc etc....and turned it in. I did not hear anything from her. I then found out from my coworker that my charge nurse position was offered to her, which of course, my coworker accepted. In fact, my coworker found out before ME that the transfer was approved. I did not receive one word from my director.

What I did was a very abrupt email from my director the next day, stating that she signed off on my transfer request and took me off the schedule effective October 10th.

I have never requested a transfer to another unit. Im freaking out now because I have not heard anything from day surgery ... A position was never offered to me! I was just "told" that there was one coming intent when I filled out the paperwork to request a transfer was to let my director know that it was something I was starting to pursue. I had no idea that she would approve it without talking to me or take me off the schedule so quickly.

So now Im freaking out....she is OBVIOUSLY ****** at me. The tone of her email was very abrupt. Can she take me off the schedule if there is not another position secured for me? What if there my original position gone??? I tried calling her to talk to her....and of course, there was no answer. I had assumed that when she signed off on the transfer that she had spoken to the other director. I mean, would she just approve a transfer and take me off the schedule and leave me in limbo??

Gentle input requested I say....I more than a little concerned about this. (BTW...hindsight being 20/20, I now realize that I should have secured a position in day surg before requesting a transfer)

Dang, what a position to be in. All I can say is I hope that position is there for you. Good luck.

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First off take a deep breath. It sounds like minor communication problems, not the end of your career. Taking you off the schedule without moving into you another position would be getting fired, and you would have been told so. Your manager is probably ****** because you are leaving and didn't take the time to explain everything to you. You should send a very calm professional email just stating your concerns. You should state that you were only INQUIRING into the position and just want to clarify your status. You should also CC or email separately whomever would be your new boss and just ask for clarification. You may have gotten what you wished for. You can always involve HR and explain your confusion and concerns. Best of luck, and post the outcome here so we all aren't left hanging :)

have you had a 1 on 1 with the director/nurse managers or DON, dont rely too much on them getting back to you through emails, phone calls etc, meet with them in person and let them know what is going on, otherwise you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. i cant really say it was your fault, maybe just an error in communication

I feel so stupid because before I even gave any thought to the possibility that there wasnt a position in day surgery, I emailed the director asking her what my start date would be! (Talk about presumptuous on my part) I honestly thought that it was something directors talked to eachother about before a transfer was approved.

What I ended up doing was emailing both of them: to day surgery, I apoligized for the confusion and asked if there was a position available, and that I would be delighted to come and work with them. To my manager: I told her that my intent was only to start the process and that a position had not been offered to me...and of course I asked for clarification that if there was NOT a position, would I stilll have a job on my current unit?

Thanks again for the input.....I seriously do not need this stress right now...thank goodness for fellow nurses that understand. **hugs**

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Transfers are tricky. In a county hospital where I used to work, if an employee wanted to transfer they could do it be simply contacting the manager of the unit where they wanted to go. They were under no obligation to speak with their current manager.

However, the appropriate thing to do is to follow the hospital procedure for transfer which usually means filling out a transfer request to send to the manager of the area where you are interested and at the same time, informing your current manager of your interest in that position and that you are sending in a request. I actually think that is it BETTER to consult your current manager first and discuss the idea before you submit a transfer request. This is not mandatory but it is more polite and lets your current manager know that you are not angry or upset, that you are just looking for a change. Any manager who takes an employee from another area without talking to the former manager is a fool.

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This is all a little weird to my facility, you cannot just switch departments by request. You actually have to go in, interview for the position, and get the job. Often times, candidates outside the facility are interviewing for the same position that you are, and they don't show preference to internals, necessarily. I can totally see how your process is confusing and how you didn't know what to do. I wouldn't have, either.

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they cannot switch you off your unit without you securing a spot on another unit. That has to be arranged with HR and all. I'd call HR and the director of day surgery to obtain more info, let that director of day surgery know that they found a replacement for your position. I wouldn't think that a reply from your boss was abrupt, just merely responding that they have approved your request. It's not like you're being "bumped" off. No worries. Just get some communication going and try not to make assumptions.

Update: I went and talked to the manger of day surgery and she said that yes, it had all been set up and that I had a position!

I am SO relieved!! :)

Glad to hear things turned out fine. Good luck with your new position.

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