Mental illnesses?


Does anyone have any mental disorders? I have OCD/ADHD and social anxiety. I often worry if these will hinder me in anyway. I struggle with them daily. I am in the process of finding medication that works for me. I was on concerta for my adhd and zoloft for my anxiety. Both medications did nothing for me so I am back to square one ;) I am determined not to let my mental illnesses control my life and prevent me from being successful in life. Does anyone share the same feelings? How do you cope with your mental disorders? Because I have three forms of mental illnesses I would love to work as a psych nurse. I want to help others who suffer like me.


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I have OCD. It's a struggle. Are you seeing a therapist? I'd start there, they will answer all your questions and more as to how to deal with it. My therapist actually suggests that my anxiety will lead me to be a good nurse.


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I was but I felt she was not aggressive enough and find it a waste of time. I need to find a new one. My adhd causes me to forget things. For example where I put my keys. I notice it intensifies when I am stressed. I was told by a friend who is an RN that my OCD and ADHD can actually benefit me but I wanted to hear other perspectives ;)


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Haha, stress definitely magnifies all that stuff that's for sure. But yes, find another therapist. I've seen many before finding one I really connect with and that helps in the way I need to be helped. Just remember - he/she can't change anything for you, you have to bare the weight of it all.

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I have ADHD as well

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My sister has ADHD and got her doctorate in college!!


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I really struggled with depression years ago and sometimes I feel it trying to rear its ugly head before I shove it back down again. That's all I've been diagnosed with although I wouldn't be surprised if I had a touch of ADD and anxiety as well. I am a little worried that the anxiety will increase when I'm responsible for people's lives but I figure I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm not currently on any drugs for anything. I used to see a therapist but I feel it increased rumination, which while it gave me some insight for the most part it made me feel worse. It might not sound healthy or like conventional advice, but for me the best cure for depression is to pretend I don't have it and stay too busy to think about it.

I know you didn't mention depression but I want to talk about it a little since it's so common that chances are pretty good that someone else will have questions about it. I think nursing will help. Right now school is keeping me busy and goal oriented. Once I am a nurse, I'll still be busy, I'll have a good job, I should be financially much more comfortable than I've been before, and the best way to help yourself is to help others, which is what nursing's all about.

As far as anxiety goes, my advice is to try to get as much experience as you can as early as you can. I started volunteering at the hospital, mostly bringing water to patients. It's really intimidating to go into a patient's room for the first time, figure out what they need, etc. Start doing it now with the dumb, low responsibility stuff and it will be much easier by the time clinicals roll around! Currently I'm a volunteer and plan on being a CNA after I get my license so that I get as comfortable with the hospital environment as possible.

For ADD I know I can't concentrate for more than an hour and that's if I'm lucky so I disperse short sessions through the day, setting a timer and everything, preferably going somewhere where I can't get distracted. I find my study sessions are much less likely to devolve into web surfing when I'm at the library. I feel like people are watching me or something. Staying organized is important too, and I love the uncalendar planner. It's the only one I've ever been able to make myself stick to. It's a little pricey at $20ish but so worth it. Get one.

And working out and eating healthy helps everything under the sun.

Good luck! I'm interested in psych as well.

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Good advice. Just a reminder that we don't want to cross over into giving medical advice by suggesting meds.

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A gentle reminder...allnurses cannot offer medical advice or medication suggestions. We can offer only support and personal stories.


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With a Doctors supervision, exercise, meditation, yoga and a good 12 step program all can help lower the need for medication.


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I was not looking for any medical advise, just personal stories.;) I like all the input thank you!