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Mental Health Tech Question


I have taken all but 2 classes needed for my BA in Psychology and I'm getting ready to start nursing school in August. My goal for years has been to become a psych nurse.

However, in the interim, I want to work as a MHT.

I was a patient in a psych ward a few years back for depression before I got on an antidepressant. The question is WILL THAT KEEP ME FROM BEING HIRED? I was told by one person that they look back as far as two years on your record. Does anybody have advice or knowledge about this? I'm from NC if that matters.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.



wish_me_luck, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

I would say not. I think I would probably hire you even more because you know what it's like. BUT, that is my opinion. I would not disclose anything though.


Has 2 years experience.

I would also say that it should not hurt you. But as the above poster said, I would not disclose any information like that.

Whispera, MSN, RN

Specializes in psych, addictions, hospice, education.

Being a patient on a psych ward doesn't equate to having committed a crime. You got treatment; you're better. Having had treatment will give you empathy for those who are getting treatment. As long as your illness is stable, I wouldn't worry about it if I was you.

This is not something that you should even be disclosing but no, it would not hurt you.

It shouldn't be a factor at all. Your medical records are your own private business, and HIPAA forbids a potential employer from forcing a disclosure.

Think about it. It's nothing unusual at all for people to seek mental health services. Maybe about 50% of the population needing services of one kind or another? Do a search yourself for the per capita rate (since I'm too lazy to do it myself) and you'll get a realistic figure of how many people, *already in the mental health field*, who have received mental health services, psychiatric or otherwise.