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Hi, I have had Meniere's disease for about 18 years. For a few years now, I have been going through a period of very few spells. I have always dreamt of becoming a nurse. I asked my doctor if I could still become a nurse (this was a number of years ago) and she said, yes, absolutely, there are so many people that work with disabilities, there is no reason I cannot--or words along those lines. I was glad to hear those from her, but I still have doubts. I am starting my prereqs in the spring and still worry about being able to work. Most of my days are great, but when the vertigo hits, it can last for a few hours to a day and one time lasted for 3 days. I get chiropractic care now, which has also helped cut down on my Meniere's spells tremendously. I guess I am just looking for more affirmation that I can do this! I also realize that if working in a hospital is too strenuous and causes me to have more symptoms, there are plenty of other options--I have even thought that teaching nursing at our local tech school may be something I would like.

thanks for the ear and sorry for any typos.


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Hi and welcome,

I would encourage you to start school and see how you make out. Hopefully you will get some replies by people with Meniere's because I'd be certain there are nurses out there with it. Best of luck! Jules


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You can do it! I work with an excellent nurse who has Meniere's disease. Everyone gets sick at times, and it sounds like you're doing really well. I would go for it.


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Thank you both so much. I appreciate your encouraging words. They are what I hoped I would hear, but then I was also afraid I may hear something negative.

I have definitely never let it get me down. I keep going and going until I just can't any longer, so I feel that attitude would also be a huge benefit. Also, I don't get the nauseousness or hearing loss that some suffers do, only the unrelenting vertigo, though that is probably the worst symtpom.

Anyway, I am open to more replies.

Thanks again,



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Hi Robin,

I have Meniere's disease and I've been working about a year and a half now. It's no worse than having any other chronic illness and working. I have FMLA at work and they can't even count absences due to vertigo as occurences.

I've had it since early 2004, but it's been especially bad this year for some reason. Stay hydrated...that seems to help a lot :)



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Wow, thank you so much Theresa. It is so good to here from someone who can relate. The vertigo is basically my only symptom. I don't get the nauseosness or hearing loss, thank goodness. Thanks for the info. on the FMLA also. I will look into that more.



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I have Meniere's, and it hasn't really affected my job too much. I have been fortunate, it seems to be well controlled right now, and during my "bad" times it doesn't last long! Good luck, I am sure you can do it!

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Hi, BTW my name is Robin too

I have not been officially dxd with MD but I'm pretty certain I have it. I am finishing up my pre reqs and am hoping to get in a program in the fall. I worry how it will affect my dream of being a nurse too.

I have been having symptoms since 2001, I had several attacks that included nausea and vomiting and extreme vertigo. It took me awhile to put it together because the attacks started infrequently and then about 3-4 years ago they became more frequent. Last year I had a very bad attack and was put on meclizine. I have not had any severe bouts since that time. Although I notice some hearing loss and my balance is easily thrown off. I also have the roaring, whirring and sometimes ringing in my right ear.

I have talked to my dr and she said that it sounded like meniere's and referred me to an ENT. I have not gone partly because I'm afraid a real dx will affect me in terms of nursing school and career.

Sorry, I don't have anything to offer other than to let you know I know how you are feeling. It's so frustrating when you want something so bad and you worry that something you can't control will interfere.

Blessings to you!

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