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Ok I'm currently working in a Radiology Special Procedures lab, but in April I will be going to work in the CCU. I have been doing the Radiology gig for 2 and a half years now. Before that I was in... Read More

  1. by   ray2512
    Hospice. It will be 12 years in February.
  2. by   DONN
    Acute care: Med/Surg which includes: CABG, General Surgery patients, Bariatrics, and whatever else they throw at us. LPN with my own daily assignment with an RN resource nurse to do my pushes. Everything else including all documentation is my responsibility........
  3. by   ayneday
    Level 1 trauma--ctr neurosurgical/trauma/srugical/transplant ICU
    remember cool heads prevail.
  4. by   ayneday
    I often find and are complemented on my ability to refrain from the drama of the day. I dont enroll in conversation with the chatty nurses who want to find out whats going wrong or scandalous in some one elses life. I have been told that I could have the tendency to be cold, yeah so we laugh at some of the circumstances of our traumas but dont we all?
  5. by   Keepstanding
    [font="comic sans ms"]:wink2: school nursing.....it's the best !
    formerly med/surg, some ltc
  6. by   ayneday
    icu from the jump, always wanted ER, ICU or Psych working towards CRNA
  7. by   JackerooRN
    Which job did you find the most fulfilling and the most rewarding and why?
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  8. by   Bill_ER
    My name makes it obvious. I've worked in ER's as an EMT/Tech for the last 12 years before getting my RN this past May, was hired at a Level 2 trauma center in July. Love peds, so may pursue something more in that area too (Peds ER or a PICU preferred).