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Bill_ER is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Staff.

Seeking A&E job in UK

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  1. Bill_ER

    Rules for the ER (long)

    Erica, when I first saw your name out of the corner of my eye, I swear I thought it said NurseErotica.......I was like .
  2. Bill_ER

    uk nurses who have come to the usa

    is that in reply to me? if so it doesn't apply. my great grandparents were from italy and slovenia. i loved the time i spent in the uk and have friends who live there, that's why i'm choosing to move.
  3. Bill_ER

    uk nurses who have come to the usa

    Well I chose Wales because I really enjoyed my time there. I'll take your advice on sending CV's out to see what kind of response I get. I'm also trying to weigh options in Scotland, haven't exactly been able to decide on that yet. Working on it though. I don't mind the weather though. Where I come from it's way too hot in the summer, and way way too cold in the winter, so a little rain with semi-stable temps is fine by me. I'm from Ohio by the way. Kind of boring compared to LA, but LA's a little too "lively" for my tastes. OG, you get my private message? Not sure if I did right in the reply. And guys, don't get in a pissin' contest or they'll lock the thread. :smiley_ab
  4. Bill_ER

    what about this for an idea

    Well the silence is deafening.........nevermind I guess.
  5. Bill_ER

    Do you know guys, we ARE an action figure!

    They should have made him a bit more buff. He's a little too generic lookin' for an action figure lol. Needs some cargo pockets and trauma sheers, and maybe a little scruff on the chin
  6. Bill_ER

    What kind of nursing do you do????

    My name makes it obvious. I've worked in ER's as an EMT/Tech for the last 12 years before getting my RN this past May, was hired at a Level 2 trauma center in July. Love peds, so may pursue something more in that area too (Peds ER or a PICU preferred).
  7. Bill_ER

    Dayshift vs. Nighshift

    Nightshifter all the way. I found what works for me as far as a preudo sleep cycle. Dayshift orientation was a nightmare for me.
  8. Bill_ER

    Fearful of infiltrating IV's

    It's good to be vigilant and never totally stop worrying. Sometimes the catheter will suck against the venous tissue or be against a valve, restricting blood return upon aspiration, but still be a patent line. My practice (especially when I'm unable to aspirate blood), is to palpate the tissue just beyond the IV catheter with two fingers as I flush. You can actually feel the saline flush thru the vein under your fingertips. Of course, one of the most tell tale signs is usually just watching the tissue around the site as you flush. Most times you can see the tissue expand with less than a 1/2 cc in most cases, and if you're not convinced even though it still looks good, then flush 5 cc's more if needed. Thirdly (and important to me), is watching the patient's reaction as I begin to flush, 95% of the time, the patient begins to grimmace and feel pain with a 1/2 cc or less if it's infiltrating. Regardless if I'm confident in the line or not, I always return to check the site after starting fluids. I think that's just good practice, and will help your confidence in the long run. *** The worst thing is when you acually have a good line and send your patient to CT, and they blow the line with pressurized IV contrast. I hate that! :angryfire
  9. Bill_ER

    management theories inA&E

    Would have to read up on the theories that encompass those management styles first to be able to offer any intelligent comment. Have any literature you could post to explain those theories? Until then, you could just add me to the clueless group (no surprise to anyone I'm sure, but it feels good to know I belong to some kind of group for now). :chair:
  10. Bill_ER

    Hello from the new girl!!

    HI Jane! Great to see another ER (A&E) nurse aboard. I'm from the US looking for A&E in UK. I've been working in ER's (including a level 1 trauma center) for 12 years as a technician, and after graduating nursing this past year, have landed a job in a level 2 trauma center as a staff nurse. There's plenty of trauma centers across the country with nursing shortages across the board, so finding placement shouldn't be all that hard. As for your other questions: 1. NCLEX exam is a bugger (will be glad to give you pointers). 2. Will be happy to help with locations as much as I can (it's a big place). 3. Sorry, know nowt about green cards or OGP. 4. We both have similar interests and experience that may benefit each other. Check my profile for email and/or messeging, and feel free to contact me anytime (as not to clog the forums too much). Happy hunting.
  11. Bill_ER

    what about this for an idea

    Well I'm new here so just catching up on the last years' post, but I'm interested in meeting. I'm making my second trip over to the UK from the US in April 2006 for a two week stay. Starting in Glasgow and working my way down to Wales, so I can potentially meet anywhere in between. One of my biggest goals aside from visiting my friends is to visit several hospitals and speak with the local nurses. This seems like the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure and have some fun. So if anyone's interested, let's re-light this candle!
  12. Bill_ER

    UK Overseas Nurses Program?

    Where's the right place to start then? A. Register with NHS/NMC B. Start the immigration process C. Find a job D. Combination of the above? I guess that's what has me the most confused. Need the recipe on this one.
  13. Bill_ER

    relocating to uk ...help/advice

    Thank you Silver, much appreciated.
  14. Bill_ER

    UK Overseas Nurses Program?

    Thanks for the advice Steve. Has me a bit worried about my future endeavor now though, looks like it's gonna be a rough ride.
  15. Bill_ER

    uk nurses who have come to the usa

    Hello everyone. Excellent thread (lengthy so I've not gotten through it all yet). But as I'm a US nurse looking to go to the UK, some of my own questions about the differences are coming to light (and this has been much of what I've been seeking without results until now). I hope you don't mind, I feel like I'm crashing a thread I don't belong in. My search for employment and answers actually began with the NHS, so I'm a bit embarrassed about what I've read concerning US knowledge of other healthcare systems (I still have much to learn myself). Questions for OG! Wales is one of my primary targets for employment. Any advice on which Welsh hospitals I might try to concentrate on? Looking mostly in the southerly regions like Gwent and Princess of Wales for example. Also, A&E is my specialty, but man it's hard to find job vacancies for it on the web. Able to shed any light on that or point me in a better direction? Any help would be grand. Thanks.
  16. Bill_ER

    relocating to uk ...help/advice

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and am in a similar situation as globalnursing. I'm looking to move to the UK also. Over the last year I've been researching NHS and NMC sites, and the whole process can be a bit confusing. Thanks for the sites Kaylesh, it looks like they might come in handy. The "Rct. freeze" sounds a bit worrying though. Can anyone expand on the nursing grades for me please? I've not been able to figure out what an RN (diploma) equals when compared to (Nurse grade D or E for example). Thanks.