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Ok I'm currently working in a Radiology Special Procedures lab, but in April I will be going to work in the CCU. I have been doing the Radiology gig for 2 and a half years now. Before that I was in... Read More

  1. by   karenG
    now I'm a nurse practitioner in Primary care- what you call a FNP I think! before that, worked at Moorfields Eye hospital- in all areas (I'm also trained as an ophthalmic nurse), before that I was a midwife.......before that worked on a gynae ward... which I loathed!!

    think I'll stay where I am now.. been an NP for 8yrs and love it!

  2. by   Corvette Guy
    • OR Circulator / Scrub Nurse 2000-Present
    • ... plus, ICU RN in USAR since 2003
    • Weekend Nites Charge RN at 10 bed ICU 1999-2000
    • Telemetry Floor RN 1998-1999
    I was a CST from 1995-1998, and still love the OR environment. However, tired of being a Circulator. I'll find out this month if accepted to the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing. If not accepted, then may leave the OR & return to ICU nursing.
  3. by   Ari RN
    Pediatric RN
  4. by   jcgcrna
    Nurse Anesthesia, solo. When I retire (soon I hope), I'd love to do some hands on nursing on the acute care ward in our 15 bed rural hospital. I have been giving anesthesia for 28 years and miss the nursing I was trained to do in the 60's. I'd even do a little geriatrics as well. I Love Nursing!
    Craig in Montana
  5. by   CatskillNP
    LPN geriatrics...LPN progressive care...RN progressive care..RN ED...Nurse practitioner family care...NP Peds...NP Geriatrics...now back t NP in family care.
  6. by   bluestar
    Post-procedure unit and work OT in cardiology.
  7. by   NurseJimAZ
    clinical simulation specialist. nursing faculty
    (last 25 years) or, surgical stepdown, telemetry, telemetry charge nurse, med-surg, acute stroke unit, house supervisor, adjunct faculty--continuing ed.
  8. by   HappyJaxRN
    I work fulltime as a Transplant Nurse: Liver/Kidney/Pancreas.
  9. by   ray2512
    Hospice, 12 years this Feb 28th
  10. by   burnt40
    I started in med/surg. for only 9 months
    ER for 4 years
    chest pain nurse clinician for 1.5 years
    just transferred to SICU
    will be going to CRNA school next fall.
  11. by   Sean 91
    12 hour shift (usually ave 14 hrs after charting) overnight med-surg with mixed geriatrics and pre/post surg pts in one of two large city hospitals in Ozland. Nurse-pt ratio at night 1:8-10. Track shoes. Pedometer usually shows 12 miles or more. Often no break and no "lunch". Pay is better at night and there is shift bidding for extra shifts, but feeling a bit burned out after four months there. However, there is usually help when someone has some sleepers but you get a tough draw like one or two transfers from an ICU who shouldn't have left ICU yet (like a "chronic" w/ a trach who starts throwing up after arrival from ICU at 2100 med time). We have one young nurse off to California soon for the sun and much better ratio. I'm a Blue Stater by nature and miss some of the reported benefits of unionization back East.
  12. by   wtbcrna
    So far I have done:
    -Prison nursing
    -Miltary nursing
    -- -ICU
    -- -ER
    -- -primary care clinic
    -- -and now back to ICU
  13. by   MikeyBSN
    I'm applying to work in the ER or Pediatrics, although I think I might like to do psych on the side. If I get a job in peds, I eventually want to do pediatric oncology.