Starting in the ICU. Good or Bad?

  1. As background info....I am a male nursing student that will be graduatig in a month from now and have already been hired on in a smaller community hopsital in the ICU (12 bed). I know that some hospitals won't even hire new grads in the ICU and I am just wondering if any of you had started there and think it is a good idea or not.
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  3. by   SKQQTR
    Starting in ICU is probably the very best choice you could make. That said, I hate ICU,much too organized for me I work ER. Again, if you are looking at the big picture, where ever you go ICU will give you valuable experience. Some Units have dedicated Intern Programs but even if it's just a country hospital this is a gift, that will jump start one's resume and may open many opportunities in your future. Programs like CRNA almost require ICU experience. Even if it turns out the ICU is not what you want the skills and critical thinking and the things that you learn should not be under estimated.
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  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    As a (very) soon to be new grad I have decided that my primary interests are:

    1. ER
    2. ICU
    3. OR

    I love the stimulation of learning new things and being challenged to use my assessment skills. I was advised by 2 instructors and my mother (retired nursing instructor) that I should work towards entering in these areas.
  5. by   defeatedcreek
    Most hospitals from what I've seen start everyone regardless of interest on med-surge. It's a good proving ground and skill building department. However, I've seen some starters in ICU too you just have to be fresh on your ACLS and arrhythmias. ER? I have found starting there to be a disaster. ER is too sink or swim for newer personnel. But if ICU sounds like your forte I'd say go for it.
  6. by   barefootlady
    Good luck on the new job. Learn all you can, speak up when the water gets too deep for you. Do not take a chance on the patient's life or your license. I am sure you will do fine if you are really interested in this area.
  7. by   SteveNNP
    It should be a great experience for you. Smaller ICUs tend to have a lot of experienced nurses, and a level of acuity that allows for more incremental learning. Best of luck as a new RN!

  8. by   pawashrn
    ICU nurses; in general; are opinionated and have high expectations of their co-workers(nurses/aides/doctors/resp therapist). If you can take being eaten and spit-out and then eaten again without crying or pouting. you'll do fine. I started in a large aggressive medical ICU 3 days post graduation. I thought lubricant was for just n/g tubes. Until I took a senior nurse and said (in a professional manner) exactly what I thought of her and her nursing care. the respect will come when you remain focused and delivery excellent care
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