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  1. by   OncologyRN23
    Any other male nurses in oncology?
  2. by   Ronniedingo
    Hi. Ron here. ICU nurse. I need to post so my account doesn't get deleted for inactivity. I'm so lazy.
  3. by   Tim92
    I'm soon to be a nursing student!
  4. by   Mr Green
  5. by   csason
    I am sitting for my LPN boards on Saturday..(again, for re-licensing)
    so I have 'cram juice' coming out of my ears..

    Don't know if I posted in the testosterone section before..
  6. by   Saifudin
    Happy to join. Still got some 'hormonee's' left.
  7. by   rigidchop
    happy to join as well
  8. by   AZ_LPN_8_26_13
    I'm a male nursing student - hope to be a male nurse someday soon
  9. by   Andrew, RN
    Yo! I'm a RN. PACU is my home. Wake 'em up and ship 'em out! How is everyone?
  10. by   MikeInCO
    Quote from Andrew, RN
    Yo! I'm a RN. PACU is my home. Wake 'em up and ship 'em out! How is everyone?
    Hey Andrew! Wlecome to the site! I am just curious what goes on in a PACU? I am a pre-nursing student and so I am not really up on all of the many units... Thanks in advance.
  11. by   mbdirt
    I also work in an ICU. Where do you work? I see you are a veteran. I work with veterans here.
  12. by   Andrew, RN
    PACU is so much fun. It can be fast paced but there are also lulls where I'm sitting around without anything to do.

    Mostly it is patients that just had surgery with a general anesthetic that I receive. Airway Airway...Airway...... and more Airway. And pain management. Which goes along with airway and breathing because the narcotics will depress respirations.

    We also get Endoscopy patients because they are now getting heavy sedation too.

    It's fast paced, like I said. Most patients are in there usually an hour. Sometimes up to 2 hours or more if they are really sick or if there are problems. We work very closely with Anesthesiologists. There's always plenty of people around to help if you have a problem.

    It's a big, open unit (like how old Nursing wards used to be in the movies/old pictures... sorta) So everyone can see everything that is going on. If you've got any more questions about it or you're interested in it, PM me.
  13. by   AZ_LPN_8_26_13
    Thanks for your explanation of what PACU is - I'm a pre-nursing student myself who is just applying for nursing school. I was sort of wondering what it was. I actually do work at a hospital currently in a non clinical support role but have not been to their PACU

    I just took my NET exam Friday - got 97 in the math and 94 in the reading - will submit my nursing school app early next week, then the waiting game :-\

    Am taking microbiology and an online English 101 this semester - both are co-reqs - all finished now with my pre-reqs. I'm looking forward to the day when I can be actually doing clinicals in the hospital. Not sure where I will end up as a nurse - sort of gravitating toward something relating to surgery/trauma