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  1. by   tater.jake
    ahoy there
  2. by   TheRickster
    Excellent moniker, I am quite the XD-9 fan myself having owned mine since the first year Springfield bought the distribution rights. I am at about the 5000 round mark without a problem.

    Oops! Better keep it nursing related so let me add that after 12 hours of arrhythmias, impactions, and smarmy young MDs -- I can think of no better relaxation than some quality range time.
  3. by   xd9fan
    Thanks!! shooting is good for the soul. My xd9 is a wonderful gun. When it comes to firearms, you can never have enough liberty!!
  4. by   halospnoi
    Future male nurse here! I just have to pass my NCLEX then im finally going to be a nurse. I'm currently a Nursing assistant on the general surgery floor though. Need some advice to pass....any one have any????
  5. by   cowpoke_rn
    Even if we are outnumbered in our profession.....we can still talk in our own little forum.......soon we can take over the world
  6. by   Braff

    I am applying for a job with the Department of Corrections in CA. I think that'd be a great paying job to pay my way through nursing school. ::hides::
  7. by   jimthorp
    Quote from xd9fan
    When it comes to firearms, you can never have enough liberty!!
    Well said!

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  8. by   RNdudeNNJ
    :beercuphe Checking in, great site and even better forum...

    Carl, RN

  9. by   styRN
    So, is this the forum we can openly fart and not have to blame it on the dog?


    Been lurking for a bit, posted a few times, so here's my into.
    From Ontario, Canada, graduated RN 1988 in a class of 52, I was one of 5 guys to finish the program out of 7 that started. Went into acute medicine but soon switched to LTC and been there ever since. I married my college sweetheart (we graduated together) and now have a daughter who will be starting university next year in the sciences, leaning towards nursing, but we're doing our best to talk her out of it I'm a local union leader and activist and represent nurses in our community in hospitals, LTC, public health and community.

    I had a buddy respond to the question, "so, you're a male nurse, huh?" with, "actually, I prefer 'nurse with a penis' ", after which he was verbally smacked around by his supervisor while we all laughed.

    I like the reply I read somewhere here: "no, I look after women as well!"
  10. by   MALE*RN*777
    Better late then never.... MALE*RN*777
  11. by   DaveSVN
    DaveSVN checking in... although I think ''nurse_with_a_penis'' would've been a better screename lol. Currently enrolled in an LVN/LPN program trying to start work as a CNA for the meantime.
  12. by   aculwell
    New grad here, nursing is my third career at 45. USCG Corpsman for 10 years, Systems administrator for 10 years now an RN and take the NCLEX in a couple days! Glad to see all the guys logging in and sounding off!
  13. by   kontakt
    Another nurse who happens to be a male.

    Don't be fooled by my Avatar. All is NOT what it seems! LOL!

    (Don't tell anyone, but my avatar is actually a picture of my wife. SHHHHHH!)