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I'm about to graduate this spring and have to decide whether to buy a school pin or not. Honestly......what % of guys actually wear their pin? Where do they wear it? Am I supposed to go to the... Read More

  1. by   Havin' A Party!
    I'll likely pass on the pin thang next year. Don't wear any jewelry.

    Quick Question for Tank: Pinning ceremony is different than graduation at your school?
  2. by   MacERRN
    All the ceremonies are part of being part of the group. If you don't like your classmates, don't go. I never have worn the pin, but I went thru all the b.s. cuz I liked hanging out with my classmates. It's not that big of deal.
  3. by   jasonglh
    My buddy has been anxious for my pinning since I started the ADN program last Aug. Perhaps I should explain that this isnt the same as Airborne school.
  4. by   menetopali
    the only pin i wear is an EGA on my ball cap and my EGA lapel pin when i spiff up. the PTK, SQT, and college nursing program pin all sit in a box gathering dust. the honor society stuff helps with scholarships and employment (i work in college health and they probably wouldn't help in hospital hiring) but the school pin was a waste. jmho.
  5. by   pfitz1079
    I bought the cheapest one they had. We had to buy a pin if we were going to the ceremony, and I thought I should go. I like pins, but mostly it sits in a jar with rest of my cert pins. (EMT-P, CCRN, ACLS, PALS, etc) I wear my CFRN pin on my badge lanyard because it's new. Mostly I just wear the "Grumpy" pin a friend bought me at WDW.

    Kurosawa - they wouldn't give you a hat. I'd go to BassPro and get a bright orange one with "MURSE" printed on it. Wear that to graduation!

    Pete Fitzpatrick
  6. by   anonymurse
    Hi Pete, I did ask for the hat in the smallest size available (for my 4 y/o daughter); awaiting a response. Best, Kurt
  7. by   Patrick M6
    Quote from nursemike?
    I'm so-so about graduation--it's only an Associates Degree, after all--but I'm pretty gung-ho about the pinning. This has been a long, hard slog, and I want that pin, even if I only wear it once!

    But that's me, and I can respect other opinions.

    This isn't going to be like the Navy SEALS thing they showed on 60 Minutes, is it?
    I wish it was going to be like the SEALS. There's a reason why they do what they do. In the military I've learned a lot...we don't wear our dress uniforms much, but every medal, patch, pin, and button on there, we earned. It may seem like small stuff, but I'd get it and hang on to it proudly. Others may not know what it is or what it means, or even care, but you will. One last thing... When I applied for my last law enforcement job, one of the interviewers noticed my tie tac from my old Sheriff's Office. Based on that, I was able to build a rapport with him, which I'm sure helped me get that job. You never know...
  8. by   shodobe
    Like someone posted before, except for the "pinning" ceremony mines sits in my drawer at home. I work in the OR so it would'n't be something I would wear anyway. Besides, I helped design our pin and the sleeve patch which the school wears to this day. I was in the very first graduating class and we had to come up with a design the first year so we could have at least sleeve patchs for the next year. The pin is a replica of the patch. Mike
  9. by   Swedenboi6
    I was actually given a pin from the State of Maine upon completion of my one year training as a CNA. I wear it all the time (mainly because it's shiny and I like it!) I wear it just about my name tag over my heart.

    I like to wear mine just because it kind of gives your patients/family/etc a little bit more of insight into your past.
  10. by   MissJoRN
    Quote from kurosawa
    Bummer. They said they won't give me a hat. Not that there's a bobby pin made that would nail it to my buzz, but hell, they make superglue, don't they?

    BTW, what's the reg on pins? Do you get to wear anywhich pins you want on the uniform, or nursing-related pins only? It would be really cool to juxtapose that nursing pin with some other stuff I'm entitled to wear.
    There was a student at my school who requested and was given a cap, it was a memento he rightfully earned if he wanted it, for his daughter. I'm sure she, and your daughter, sacrificed too for their daddies educations, LOL. My best friend's 2 kids knew more A&P then a lot of our classmates

    I guess pins depend on the facility. I know a nurse who wears several pins on his jackets- every certification and awareness pin that comes his way ends up on that jacket! I think he's "borrowed" a few from his wife, too Some guys are more into pins than others. Maybe the nursing pins are more manly on a black leather biker jacket? :chuckle
  11. by   Farkinott
    I've gpt a university badge (pin), school of nursing badge and a few others like "certified precetor". I wear none of them. I wear an ID that says I am a Registered nurse in the facility I work in. This is enough for me!
  12. by   Sterling-RN
    Quote from Farkinott
    I've gpt a university badge (pin), school of nursing badge and a few others like "certified precetor". I wear none of them. I wear an ID that says I am a Registered nurse in the facility I work in. This is enough for me!

    I didn't get the pin, go to the pinning ceremony, or even to my graduation! I will always know that I earned the degrees that I have...I about fell out of my chair laughing when someone said that they had student loans to remind them of the experience. I have my Bachelor's degrees and my State Board of Nurisng License on the wall in my office. That's enough for me.

    I guess that all I wanted from school was that piece of paper. The experience was no big deal to me. My school spent A LOT of time exploring "feelings" and writing "reflective journals." I felt underserved, and really don't want a pin to remind me of that.

    Though, I must say that after reading some of the posts on here, I would have loved to have had one of my parents pinning it on me. But my parents were thrilled just to know that I passed my boards. haha.

    I guess I'll take part when I get my Master's.
  13. by   johnwaynehair
    At UTHSCSA, the pinning ceremony was paid for by the students; furthermore, the official school pin could not be used (we were only authorized to purchase one after the Dean of Nursing had submitted a list of students that graduated). The Fall class usually had a pinning ceremony, as the SON would only pay for one graduation ceremony per year. I attended the Fall pinning 'cause some of my friends were graduating--what a joke it was! Everyone had to provide their own "nursing" pin--no uniformity at all. After the ceremony, the nurse ethics instructor made a fuss as the Texas Nurse Practice Act prohibits anyone from "representing" themselves as a nurse who is not licensed by the state: can you say "Drama-rama"? Anyway, I was glad to graduate in the Spring. Did I get a pin? You betcha! I wear it on my "I Love Me" namebadge (ex-GI's will understand the reference). I'm proud of my pin, just like I'm proud of my high school ring, and my college ring for my first degree (Hook 'em). I guess it comes down to personal taste. Sorry to be so verbose. Good luck on your new career.

    John Wayne Hair