Guys in the NICU

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm graduating in 26 days and hope to land a job in a level III NICU. Any ideas, tips or tricks? How did you adjust? What's great or bad about men in the NICU, aside from the breastfeeding teaching?
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    thought I would bump this one .....

    can anyone help this guy out?
  4. by   fergus51
    I've worked with a few men in the NICU and they've all been well received. The breastfeeding can be a bit of a problem, but on the plus side I have seen some of the dads be thrilled about seeing another male face in the unit
  5. by   alton
    I,ve worked NICU 15 years still not able to connect with the breast feeding routine, fortunatley I have alot of co-workers that are willing to help. Most every thing else is great, not alot of heavy lifting unless you include moving rocking chairs.
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  7. by   alton
    Never actually seen a guy try to breast feed a baby. :chuckle
    Remember to ask for help with the hands on stuff ie get a co-worker to do it for you. you will still need to be able to provide information in the form of teaching so know that stuff. stay away from helping with the breast pump also. remember you are the only guy with alot of women they aren,t afraid to ask you to help them. Sometimes you will have mothers (your wife)who don,t mind your presence when they are feeding but be sure to ask if its okay.
  8. by   z's playa
    What's the big deal with male nurses breastfeeding? :chuckle

    Just kidding but seriously. Don't they go to the same type of nursing school and learn the same stuff?

  9. by   Businessman
    Look at it from an adult point of view: if you love working with newborns, and the rest of staff is helpful and accepting of you, then go for it.

    I can understand one's reticence after seeing a sexual harrasment trial, however, risks are in any specialty.
    I am a nurse and a father of a baby girl that spent 6 weeks in NICU. They had a male nurse and he was great and appreciated by all.
  10. by   fusster
    I have never worked in an NICU, but I know two people who work in a level III. They both enjoy their jobs, but find it hard to care for babies that are critically ill. My advice would be to be sure you are able to handle this kind of thing emotionally. They have both said that support from their family and friends helps them get through the tough days.
  11. by   Littlewonder
    Hey guys, just a note from a little Female Nurse (I just read the thread on calling men in nursing "Male Nurses" :innerconf ) I took a certified breastfeeding educator course with a huge group of all female nurses - and one male computer tech last summer! (Yes, he got certified too!) I think a course like this would do a great job in making it easier and less uncomfortable for you to do breastfeeding teaching and assistance. After all, if a male OB/GYN can do surgery "down there" then a nurse of any gender should be able to assist with breastfeeding (although it might be more comfortable to have a family member or another staff member present.) As always, just use your excellent assessment skills to determine if your patient and family are comfortable and use your observations to plan your care. The "hands on" part is such a small part of teaching that it should not be too much of an issue.
    From a female patient's point of view, I would not have minded a male nurse helping me nurse my first son (I was not a nurse yet.) As long as he helped! The problem I had was that too many of my nurses were ill informed on the benefits of breastfeeding and techniques to improve it!
  12. by   SteveNNP
    Well, I just accepted the position in NICU......I love it even more now that I've spent a few more days there...wish me luck!

  13. by   maleNICUnurse
    Hello....I've been working a Level III NICU for a year now....what questions or concerns do you have?
  14. by   SteveNNP
    How do you deal with the teaching subjects, such as breastfeeding, etc? Do IV sticks, and drawing up and calculating minute amounts of drugs get easier as time passes? Am I hurting my career options by boxing myself into a highly specialized and different field? Will I forget all the stuff I learned about caring for adults, in case I need a break?

    sorry, I probably asked too many questions!!