Concerns About Relationships In/After Nursing School

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'll first introduce myself to everyone since this is my first post. I recently just finished my freshman year in college. I am finishing up basic studies before I apply to nursing school during my sophomore year. I wanted to enter the field of nursing to persue a career as a CRNA eventually.

    Anyways..I read about this topic in other threads but I didn't want a variety of answers that may not pertain to the topic. I also hope I don't seem like an immature or unprofessional person by asking this question but here it goes:

    I just wanted to know if nursing school or nursing as a profession provides a male student/nurse with more options for woman/dating. Woman/dating is by no means my first priority when it comes to my career, but I just wanted input from people in the same situation or who have been in my situation before because I don't want to be alone forever. As a prospective male nurse, my concerns arise when I think about the possibilty of the women thinking I am gay because I am pursuing nursing or that I am not a potential partner because of the profession I chose. If I am a nurse does this pose a problem to my future or should I not even be worried?

    PS - I'm not a feminine person nor do I lack the social skills needed to talk to women. I played many sports throughout high school and freshman year of college I played intramural football. I have been in two long-term relationships. Im just concerned that my career might hinder future relationships.
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Well, as a fellow male, I can tell you that your class will very likely be 95% women. I can also tell you that the majority of the men in your class will very likely be heterosexual. I don't see reason to worry.

    I am, however, in awe of the two long term relationships you've had by the age of 19.
  4. by   dfj22
    Ahh ok well that's somewhat relieving..and why is it hard to believe I was in two long term relationships?
  5. by   donsterRN
    I'm glad you're relieved.

    And I didn't say your relationship history was hard to believe. I said I was in awe. 19 seems very young to have had two long term relationships. But hey... congratulations.
  6. by   wlb06
    Why in the hell would it matter if you were a nurse or not? I get plenty of ladies and they all know I am gonna be a nurse. I really don't think women care if you are a nurse or not. Its really more about whether or not you are secure about it because that will put out confidence and attract women. If you want tips on how to pick them up, my door is open
  7. by   mcbismark
    I wouldn't be too concerned... you'll find women to be the same in every profession... weird and wonderful!

    Under "Danger, Danger, Wil Robertson" I would suggest that you read the threads on dating fellow nursing students...
    You'll have enough stress during nursing school...

    Good luck,
  8. by   bigjay
    Nursing school definately gives you a pretty wide dating pool if you want to go there. I did and it never became an issue with my classmates. I did tend to date either above or below my year which made things less awkward if things didn't work out. Eventually I met my wife in my last year.

    Being a nurse doesn't make you any less manly. We deal with things most people couldn't so I wouldn't pay any mind to those who don't get it.