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Here is a male nurse version of "what male nurses do" poster. Click the like button if you enjoy it! Larger version here: What male nurses do Thanks to Tovia from facebook!... Read More

  1. by   Pacs, RN
    Heheheheh. Nice!

    This poster made my day.
  2. by   BlackMurse1
    This is one of the best visuals Ive seen on what we deal with all the time....
  3. by   BlackMurse1

    Feb 25 by mindlor

    Sick of the phrase "male nurse", why can't I just be a nurse, what does my gender have to do with it? I dont go to a female hair stylist or a female masseuse, and I dont see a female doctor.....I never consider their gender.....

    Because relative to other medical fields we are the last genders to infiltrate a position dominated by a particular gender. The only way to change peoples minds is to bring credibility to our role. Make it clear next time you are asked to pull a patient up in bed that you can do it because you are trained too, not because you have more muscle
  4. by   wiscbadger
    Like it!
  5. by   Good Morning, Gil
    I'm not a guy, but I just wanted to see the male nurse poster! lol, that's the best I've seen yet, most accurate, too. Some of the elderly people say to the male nurse when he walks in for the first time during a shift: are you my doctor? lol. I've heard it a handful of times when I happen to be pulling a patient up in bed with a male nurse, but I'm sure you guys hear it 100 times a day lol

    All nurses are awesome, male and female (well, the ones that are actually skilled and compassionate and are kind to each other lol).
  6. by   Good Morning, Gil
    And, I agree with mindlor...we don't say female engineer or female pilot or male kindergarten teacher (in other professions that are also typically dominated by one gender). If I were a nurse and happened to be a guy, I'd probably be sick of the phrase "male nurse," too.

    Just one benefit of being a guy and a nurse: is it easier for you guys to get nursing jobs? I know in teaching, it's easier for guys who are elementary ed teachers to get jobs (heard that from my teaching friends) since the schools like having a balance (since most el ed teachers are female), and I know it's much easier for a girl engineer to get an engineering job...
  7. by   KG,RN
  8. by   SSStill
    F'ing awesome!!
  9. by   tewdles
    Male nurses wear tight white pants and lift up the female nurses as they dance down the hallways emptying ostomy bags.
  10. by   hotscrubs
    Awesome!!! I love working with men but in the nicu it's rare. When I worked in onc, I'll ask anyone to help me pull pts up in bed, and I'm a 6'2" tall chic
  11. by   mindlor
    What the????

    Have you been spying on me?????????????
  12. by   kool-aide, RN
    Quote from tewdles
    as they dance down the hallways emptying ostomy bags.
    *BUUUUURP!* lmao
  13. by   wcbembe
    Awesome poster!