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Meme Contest | Nurses Week

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It's time to get funny and/or creative for this Nurses Week Meme Contest. I could give you the background for this particular photo but it would be so much better for you, the amazing nurses of the United States, to turn this photo into an awesome meme. Think about it and submit your best meme text for this photo in the comments below. Your creativity could score you a cool $100 from Carson Newman University!

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Specializes in Health insurance nursing/ Cardiac nursing.

You're putting that urinary catheter where??


Specializes in RN. Has 35 years experience.

"What Pence visited a COVID Unit without a MASK, what-cha talkin bout Willis?"


Specializes in Med Surg/Prison/LTC. Has 12 years experience.

Oh, you didn't know it was rectal temp?

Sudden GI issues? Covid 19 Swab for intestinal infection, you think the nose swab tickles! 😵

You are required to home school for the rest of the school year.

To all you numb nuts that are hoarding all the toilet paper, I'm buying up all the toilet plungers..... Check mate!!

When you hear the person beside you cough....

Me after I eat all the quarantine snacks in one night.

I've gone bald from trying to work from home, watch my kids, stay hydrated, not be broke, stay quarantined, find toilet paper, wash my hands and not touch my face!

Day 2 of quarantine, and I just found out my wife's favorite color is yellow.

Who the crap likes YELLOW???


Specializes in ER, Dialysis, Tele. Has 8 years experience.

The face you see when you walk into the patients room and their mask is off 😷