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    Quote from asoldierswife05
    At my school the waiting list had grown to three yrs, before they decided to admitt applicants based on a Nursing Entrance Exam, ACT scores, and such. Problem there are a large amount of students coming straight from HS without even taking pre-req's that get in, take up space, and eventually drop out...

    My goal is to be a nurse educator, my state offers tuition assistance to NP's (which we are overwhelmed with) and traditional teachers (like gradeschool)! This is ridiculous! Many of our instructors work 3 or more jobs to make ends meat!

    I think being a teaching in a profession that you love would be the most rewarding career that anyone could hope for. I plan to do it regardless of pay, however, I would love to see our program expand and our instructors paid for what they do...turn out the best darn nurses in the south!!!
    Hello- I am a Pre-Nursing student in the beginning stages of applying to a BSN program. I am interested in becoming an NP (Peds) eventually. Your statement has just given me something to think about. Does anyone else see this same overabundance of NP's in their areas as a present or foreseeable problem in terms of finding full-time work:innerconf ?