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    My problem is frequently the opposite. I have teachers giving me information that the parents give them. They think it's important that the teachers know, but never think to call the clinic and let us know!

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    I stayed home with mine and wouldn't change a second of it!

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    We are specifically instructed to never lend a student crutches d/t liability issues. For wound care it's soap and water or bactine and first aid cream. No neosporin or triple A.

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    Maybe you could go over simple fixes they can do in their classrooms. I'd be concerned about liability for giving a first aid course without instructor certifications.

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    Heaven only knows what kinds of bugs my sons went to school with. They and the neighbors used to play tackle football in the grass while waiting for the schoolbus in the mornings!

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    Sanitary napkins are thrown in the trash and they have more blood than you'll deal with. I agree with sharps container and trash.

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    Quote from OldDude
    Don't worry about it...the parents need to worry about CPS visiting them for medical neglect.
    That was my first thought when reading this!

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    Only PE and SpEd paras are required in our district. I'm a certified instructor, so I will teach it just to get more bodies certified. Our union even pays the teacher's fees for certification and I still have trouble getting them to come in.

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    If there is no mattering, drainage or woke up with clear eyes they can stay. If they have red eye/eyes and just came in from recess, PE, flush eyes and stay. If they woke up with eyes stuck shut, have crusting or icky (do you like that medical term?) drainage they get the golden ticket home.

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    Quote from ABRN2012
    I require passes but most do not send them with one and its too much trouble to send LD back to get one when most of the time it is something stupid anyway. I have about 20% that use a pass. And it has not stopped the small goofy things they send them to me about.
    No pass, mine get sent back to class to get one (unless it's an emergency). It's amazing how many think it's not worth it to get the pass and come back. The exception is PE or cafeteria, but they call us on the walkies to let us know they're sending someone.

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    I'm really amazed at the number of clinics without bathrooms or sinks. That's a requirement from the state health department here. I can't imagine not washing my hands 8,265 times a day!

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    We do not see students without a pass. It can be as simple as a scrap of paper with student's name, date, time, and teacher signature on it. At the junior high level, they are prone to wandering around without permission so they must have a pass to be seen. We catch kids skipping that way.

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    Quote from SavyNurse
    I have a newly diagnosed epilepsy student. Parents adamant that we do not tell the student he has this issue. I do have diastat in my office that the teachers are aware of. When asking the parents about home meds they stated they told him his seizure med is just a vitamin
    I don't even know what to say to that one.

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    I'm amazed at the differences in maturity levels of the students. Some are still acting like little kids and some are having sex.

    The amount of cutting and mental health issues has shocked me. I agree with OP about the YouTube challenges, the salt/ice challenge and the eraser burns, cinnamon challenge, geez kids, think about the consequences!

    On the good side, they can call home themselves for parent pickup or for a parent to bring meds. You don't have to call for every little scratch or scrape.

    I love watching them mature, the difference between the time they come to you and when they leave is huge.

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    My son was in a private university and I got to know their nurses. They worked in the clinic and took care of a lot of minor illnesses and injuries. anything major was shipped out. They had an NP there a few days a week and if the nurse felt it was necessary, or if student requested, they would set up an appt. with the NP.