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    Hello - I'm new to the nursing board and the nursing world so please forgive if this has been talked about in the past...

    I'm interested in becoming an RN and work in a hospital setting, it seems like just the thing for me... but I need to know about the hours that you folks work.

    Is it 12 hour shifts and every other weekend, but you get 3-4 days off a week? Is there a lot of mandatory overtime? Is it terrible working weekends and holidays? Does the scheduling work out well in most hospitals? As a newbie on the floor, would I have to work nights? Is is possible to work part-time in a hospital or would I have to be an agency nurse to do that?

    My husband is already up to something like 5 weeks of vacation a year, I know there is no way to match that (he's been working at the same company for a decade) but is there a way to plan 3 weeks off together? Or is that pretty much impossible?

    Thank you!

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    I'm seriously considering becoming a nurse. I've been a chemical engineer forever and I don't enjoy it very much. I'm hoping to use this board to dispel any nursing myths I may have in my head so I know what I'm getting myself into! This looks like an amazing board.