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    thanks so much for answering! the thing is that i don't want to be a NP. i think i'd rather teach or maybe run a nursing home or something like that......

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    No I recieved no feedback. I have also since dropped my GEro CNS program d/t lack of interest in the job feild in the area (well at least no one is interested in hiring for a APN in the Dementia feild I choose to follow). Now they no longer offer the program. You might think of going into a NP program rather then a CNS program.

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    If you have experienced LTC and like it, get your certification in gerontology. The cerification along with a 4 yr degree can put you in some good positions (LTC DON). But, I'd go further to NP w/gerontology cert. Most MDs do not care for the LTC part of the business and the trend is for NPs to take that over for them. Good Luck!!

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    just wondering if you received any answers because i was thinking about doing the same thing here in new york. it seems to be a field that would eventually be needed d/t the aging population. but like you i don't see any specific ads for geronurse. but do you mind telling me how the program was for you? i've been out of nsg school for 20 yrs & swore i'd never go back since it was so awful but i have absolutely loved working as a nurse just hated the education process to become one! lol

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    I will be graduating as a Gero CNS this June and have been looking around for a job, with little result since no one is posting for a Gero CNS. Anyone with ideas on how to find a job they aren't posting, but a CNS in Gero would be an asset? Also what salary should I be asking for?

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    hello all. i am thinking about becoming a gerontology nurse & wonder if anyone has any ideas what the job market is really like. also, do you think this will be in demand in the future considering the aging of the population? just trying to figure out what to do in the future....could i be a consultant etc?
    thanks all