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    thank you everyone...
    i just got home from orientation for my new job. it was a long day but... all done now. i got my first night's rest that was well deserved. i greatly appreciate all the advice from each of you. it makes me want to cry knowing that you DO understand. wow talk about a huge emotional rollercoaster.
    thank you so very much and i will keep you posted....

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    well, i just came across this website and found it very comforting to see that everyone is very supportive here. i think i failed the nclex because in california we do not have quick results. i found out from friends that we can check for our names on an R.N. license gov website. ( where employers can check the status of your license). i received emails from former classmates saying they pass the nlcex by checking for their name on the site four days after taking the exam. well today is my fourth day and when i checked it this morning, my name did not show up. i feel so depressed. (i'm sure many has felt this way too)
    i know it's going to be okay but i feel like i want to hide under my blanket and just drown my self in tears. ( god help me because i don't know how to swim.)
    i had everything in place. i moved to san diego from los angeles. my new grad orientation starts tomorrow and my boyfriend and i are moving to our new place next month. i feel sooooo stressed and overwhelm.... i just want to cry. i hate this feeling. i have not slept well for the past three nights. can you please offer some uplifting advice? please....

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    hi everyone, this is my first time on this site