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    I went today to the MD BON (took so long and in really hole in the wall place). The receptionist wasn't friendly to begin with. She told me they no longer accept walk-in for endorsement and had to fill online. I luckily had my fingerprints done prior. So came back to my place and filled online. It was a lot easier than driving down there. Crossing my fingers to have it approved as soon as possible.

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    Hi Sbaldy,

    Thank you for replying. I am going to stay with my friends at Gaithersburg for time being. I wont mind the drive 3 days a week.

    if possible can you please PM me or I can PM you regarding the hospital's information.

    Thank you.

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    There is such a difference regarding job application form (online) in MD. Immediately after the submission of application, it turns yellow and goes away in the next day or so.
    Anyone has experience with that?

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    Hi all,

    I am ICU/CCU RN currently working in Trauma hospital. i have more than 5 years of experience in ICU/CCU/Tele/Med/Surg combined.

    I am planning to move to east coast although seems crazy to my friends in west coast.
    I am looking into Trauma hospital here in Gaithersburg/Baltimore area. I applied few jobs online (boy those application takes a long time).

    Is there any short cut way I can contact Nursing recruiters or go to the Unit? I dont know anything about MD hospitals.

    I will appreciate feedback as well as coming to visit MD from August 5th-13th. So would like to meet the hiring managers.

    Thank you

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    Thanks Jolie for getting back to me. I am possibly looking into Omaha area......


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    Hello!! there,
    I am planning to move to NE. I know this is not a good time to move but I do not have choice at this time.
    Therefore, I am looking to get any ideas/suggestion from fellow NE nurses where to look into the job eg the hospitals/ LTC etc
    Thank you so much in advance.

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    Yesss certainly I am enjoying the class and felt like I am learning a lot. So...I guess we are in the same class.
    I am planning to take Assessment and College Algebra.
    Any take on how difficult/easy those classes will be? I hope so....

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    Yeah I submitted on Q&A thread. much paper work in the Soc 350 class.
    I wonder how College Algebra is as I am planning to take it the nest session.

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    Just posted on the discussion board, anyone taking Transition in Nursing or have taken the course.
    I dun know if i need to buy the book or its online book!!:Crash:
    Anyone please help!!!

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    I dun tears rolled while reading your story. I am not 30-something but I just had a baby 2 months ago. Mind you I was breast feeding and just wanted the computer to shut down. Noooooo...freaking computer went on and on until 144th questions and I was almost about to pass out. Churning stomach, pounding heart as well as filled boobi**es.
    Finally, done and ran to the parking lot where my hubby was waiting with my angel, and empited out as fast as they were filled......

    After being rescued by my son, then again filled with the anxiety and fear. It was thursday and had to wait the two longest days in my life with the uncertainty. Then....saw my name on the BRN...oh my God...the second happiest day in my life ever...
    God bless every nurse out there

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    wow...we are at least handful of us starting from july....I am also starting with Professional Transition and Cultural Diversity in the Profession...cant wait for the school to start......

    Yeah..I was really impressed with the painless admission though..didnt get any financial aid as I am non-us citizen...but will be scraping my and my hubby's credit card long as I finish my BSN.....

    Best of luck to all of us

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    Way to go....LunahRN..although its expensive I decided to go with them....even it means swiping my credit card to pay tuition bills.....I will be starting from july 6th.....
    I will PM you with loads of questions

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    I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program>

    Any suggestion/idea is appreciated as it will be my first online program...........

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hello!!! I am so relieved to hear the positive comment regarding this I was debating between Chamberlain and College Network......I followed my instinct and applied fo Chamberlain for Fall.....
    Sunzzi RN "BSN" after a year...

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    Thank you so much Jamablone, I am taking mine on August.....What materials did u study for the exam? I have got case managers handbook by Catherine Mullahy, dun know if that is enough for me.