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    don't argue. dont feed into their delusions. reinforce reality. walk away. document.

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    just leave the building when you take your lunch. i enjoy those 30 minutes to myself.

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    No dilution in my experience. and i use a 1 inch 23g needle.

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    Yes it does affect your home and social life.. by being a better listener, a more patient individual and you tend to get better at deciphering what is going on inside people's head without passing judgement.

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    I would be ashamed if this said "nurse" works in a psych facility, but.. still, whatever kind of nurse you are, you should not judge or look down upon on things like "cutting". Mostly this is frowned upon by society because its deemed as a "desperate cry for attention". Working as a mental health nurse and going though the same things as my patients gives me a better insight into what is going on in their head. Do not be ashamed of your old scars, they are a sign that you went though a hard time but got past it. Do not let them get to you, obviously this is poor judgement on their part.

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    Saunder's comprehensive 5th ed! Just stick to one author so you wont be confused

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    It depends how demanding your job is. I work a full time job , 5 days a week, but I studied with every idle time i had. Just prioritize and learn time management. I listened to audiobooks while working or getting ready for work. And I took 2 weeks off prior to my test do do a live review and just focus. It can be done, but its not easy and kind of exhausting.

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    .2 months is enough ( well, at least for me )
    Take a break after graduation! you deserve it!
    If you don't have work that's great, you have more time to study and can enjoy at least a 2 day break each week. and dont forget to have fun and cut yourself off some slack sometimes!
    Study alone mostly, but find time to study with a friend. I found that it helps to ask each other questions and rationalize. 2 heads are better than one! Share your knowledge! you'll be surprised how much you'll learn from someone else. And the more you say the information out loud, or rationalize it to someone else, the more it will make sense to you and stick to your head.

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    It Really depends on how much time you have. When I got my ATT, I scheduled my exam 2 months after. And for a month and a half, I did a comprehensive review (used Saunder's 5th ed. its awesome.) then the last 3 weeks, I just did at least 200 questions a day. it sharpens your test taking skills! especially on SATA questions. And there you will identify your weakness! (Mine was parmacology and psych >.<) And then I took the LIVE Hurst review a week before my date , which was a great , compressed refresher... and took a leave from work! Just know your priorities and focus on your weak areas. But if you have less time than I did, i would focus on doing practice questions and review the ones you always get wrong. Goodluck!

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    YOu can do it! just believe in yourself. You already know what's gonna happen because you've already experienced it.. Don't let your anxiety get the best of you. Just know your material and keep a positive attitude! good luck!

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    I Love it! I took the LIVE review and what you can learn in a span of 3 days will surprise you. They only go over the CORE contents or the MUST knows. Its perfect if you're a fresh graduate. But if not, you might wanna do a little comprehensive review a few months prior ( personally, I used Saunder's 5th ED) just so you can keep up with the fast paced and compressed lecture. Its the icing on top of the cake. And Aunt marlene is really funny. you won't get bored!

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    I would go with the HURST online. Its gives you what you ACTUALLY need to know and Aunt marlene is really funny. I don't zone out when I watch the online videos.