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  • Sep 27

    In Indiana, I personally know that University of Southern Indiana, U Indy, Marian have accepted WGU grads into NP programs.

  • Sep 7

    As a WGU grad (April 2016) I wanted to throw a couple of things out here -- First, I completed BSN in 4 months, found the program very tedious with "busy work" but not challenging. I know the 3.0 is recognized by nearly every MSN and DNP program because WGU is well-accredited. I've applied for NP programs and been wait listed. My work experience as a nurse is limited but my education is lengthy (already have MS in another field) and cumulative GPA 3.3. So, while WGU's 3.0 isn't a problem, I wonder if the program integrity is as well-regarded by admitting evaluators as other programs. Second, all the MSN and DNP programs I've looked at require minimum 3.0 if you are applying with BSN. But, if you are applying with MSN, they require 3.5 GPA. If you're applying with an MSN from WGU, you're GPA will always be 3.0. If anyone has seen a way around this or knows of a NP or DNP program that will take a 3.0 MSN from WGU, please let me know. If that's the case, I will take MSN at WGU, then apply for NP or DNP (hopefully...). Good luck to everyone!

  • Apr 27

    Hello all,

    In case anyone was following my thread, I found out that CSUDH rn to bsn program does not require an RN license to start, but will need your RN license before the clinical portion in the public health!

    (: Good luck to all readers or passer by's!

  • Sep 11 '17

    A medical diagnosis can be a related-to, but not a nursing diagnosis. So you could say, for example, Ineffective tissue perfusion r/t diabetes, as evidenced by (all the signs of poor blood flow you assess in your diabetic patient-- thick nails, absence of hair, claudication, absent pulses, lousy capillary filling ....)

    Your NANDA-I 2012-2014 gives you all the required elements for each approved nursing diagnosis, both defining characteristics (the evidence you discover on your examination) and the related factors (the related-to). Free 2-day shipping for nursing students at Amazon. You need this book.

  • Jan 20 '17

    Quote from carlosgon96
    I GOT IT!!!
    I got an acceptance email as well. Trying to figure out if we can get all our ducks in a row before school starts!!

  • Jan 20 '17
  • Jan 17 '17

    I know that's what they said, just wanted to know if it was actually true. Plenty of times they say something is required and it never gets touched. I can think of a couple textbooks off the top of my head that were never even mentioned in nursing school that still were listed as required for the program. It is quite frustrating and expensive.

  • Jan 9 '17

    Steve said there was only 28 alternates too, with up to 25 being offered a spot per semester in the past.

  • Jan 9 '17

    Any alternates get "the email" yet????

  • Dec 20 '16

    I'm so excited!!!
    I applied for the advanced placement spring slot. I already passed the AP exam, and was waiting for an invite to test in, and get into the 4th semester. Aparantly a few students didn't pass their second semester, and I got a call from Steve on Thursday inviting me into the third semester (winter) because I was at the top of the list for AP.
    I'm super excited that I got a spot but, class starts on January 3rd, so I'm having to rush to get everything done on time (and of course the uniforms in my size are on back order).

  • Dec 19 '16

    Congrats to everyone who got in!!! It's goes by sooo fast. I feel like I was just accepted and now I'm headed into my last semester.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask

  • Dec 16 '16

    To those who are in add me on Facebook so I can find you guys for the group -
    Lindsay Mcdaniel

    to those who who didn't make it in this time. You will all be great nurses -- don't give up! Take a class over, apply again, apply all over. Just don't give up! My heart goes out to you guys and I hope you stay positive!

  • Dec 16 '16

    I got in!! Let's make a Facebook cohort page!

  • Dec 16 '16
  • Dec 16 '16

    Got the email!!!! I got in!! Woo boo!!!