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Hello everyone. I'm currently in my final semester of RN school and wanted to start a thread regarding NP programs that take BSN. I've already applied to a Cal State University for spring 2019 and will hear back next month. I would honestly prefer to attend WGU and finish at my own pace and save thousands of dollars. I'm just concerned that my options may be limited for NP programs after completing my Bsn at WGU. Can anyone share what NP schools they got into with a Bsn from WGU? Thank you kindly!

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In Indiana, I personally know that University of Southern Indiana, U Indy, Marian have accepted grads into NP programs.

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Are these programs online? I currently live in the state of California. I wouldn't mind finding my own preceptor and completing my education online for NP.

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Anyone else out there know of any online NP programs that will accept BSN from ?

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WGU is CCNE accredited, so being accepted to NP schools shouldn't be an issue.

You should check out what schools Cali allows before investing a lot of time researching.

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Just because it's CCNE accredited doesn't mean it will guarantee your entry into NP school. Many of the public universities across the United States are competitive. You cannot earn a 4.0 through . WGU's pass/fail competency grading system converts to a 3.0 for most schools and even lower for others such as CSUF. I just want to ensure that if I do attend WGU to save money that I still have descent options for NP programs at a public or non for profit private university. So far I've found a few universities. Thanks everyone for your information.

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