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  • Mar 2 '16

    Quote from Susie2310
    I sympathize with your post ixchel, but what does President Obama have to do with your getting scolded by your boss for getting off work late?
    I haven't read through to see if anyone answered this already, but you know how people blame stuff on the president when the president had nothing to do with whatever he's been blamed for? It was in the spirit of president blaming (sarcastically). Go google the hashtag #ThanksObama. #ThanksBush should have some fun stuff, too.

  • Mar 1 '16

    I understood your point being that, regardless of what time the BP was taken or why, the answer from the MD was completely inappropriate. If the MD doesn't want middle of the night phone calls, don't take on call or don't admit patients! It is as simple as that. If he/she is going to admit patients, then he/she needs to be prepared to have his/her phone ring in the middle of the night for concerns re said pt. I have wondered since the day I started nursing school over a decade ago, why MDs are allowed to speak to nurses in a manner in which most people would not address a fellow human being. I don't take it. I will quickly ask them to speak to me in a respectful tone or to call me back when they are able to discuss the issue like a professional in the best interest of the patient. Shocks them into remembering their manners when they are called out on it. Verbal abuse creates a hostile work environment and if my facility wants to fire me for calling a MD out on it, then I don't want to work there anyway.