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    I would also double check the state laws regarding medications- the only thing I'm allowed to give children is vasaline, saline solution and lotion.

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    I put up posters about different health topics such as hand washing. You can purchase them in different school nursing supply catalogs. I also put up a health info board for the teachers/staff with brief bits of information on multiple topics such as diabetes, asthma, head lice, etc- this way if I'm not there they have something to reference easily. The principal uses the board all the time apparently.

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    I was wondering if anyone had any advice for this little dilemma that I'm having- I initiated a new daily log form at one of my schools. The "log" is no longer kept as a running daily log of all the students that come to see the clinic (I'm only here two days a week, on those days they students visit the main office). I have purchased forms that I fill out with all the same information as a daily log, one copy goes in the students file the other is sent home so parents are aware that the student visited the nurse. Yesterday the health department stopped in (of course on the day I'm at another school) and asked the secretary if they kept a daily log. She produced a copy of the old log which keeps a daily running list of all the students which I know is a violation of FERPA and she is now refusing to use the new forms because she claims they are not a daily log. Does anyone know where I can find specific information on how this log that she is insisting on using is a violation?! The health department does not regulate FERPA so they weren't concern with a running daily log. Little back note this secretary is a nun at a private school and very set in her ways! She has given me a hard time since I started- HELP!

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    I'm am up to date on the State Law requirements for screenings, but since I work for a private school they pre-screen children who are applying for admissions to their school. This is not a state mandatory screening, they are also screened for emotional developement, cognitive abilities and fine/gross motor skills, etc by a psychologist, and the Kindergarten teachers.

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    Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and this is my first year as a school nurse! I currently oversee 6 parochial schools in Southwest Ohio, and so far really enjoy the job. Since this is my first year as a school nurse I have some questions about Kindergarten screenings. One of my schools has them coming up and the RN last year did not leave me any of the forms previously used. I am trying to put something together but I'm not exactly sure what all I am screening for. I know vision and hearing are both tested but other than that is there anything I should be looking for? I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!