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    I tell most of my colleagues about Allnurses but don't share my password..

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    May her gentle soul rest in peace. Her good work will continue to live after her.

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    T̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ story is such a sad one . At times , it may be due to lack of adequate finances that will prevent t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ family from showing up at t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ bed side of their relative. Most especially t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ under develope countries in africa. It mat also be due to their religious belief or mis conception about t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ illness. That will prevent t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ relatives from showing up at t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ bed side of their relatives.

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    Its interesting been a psychiatric nurse, am also one. I would advice you go for t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ exams . Psychistric nursing bring out t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ real self in somebody its makes you to understand yourself more and your personality. I wish you t̲̣̣̥ђε̲̣ very best .