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    Sigh, I hope I'm in the right place. I am posting in the nurses forum in hopes of advice so I don't cost myself anymore grief or more importantly, pay for student loans in a degree I'm not happy in.
    A little insight:
    -Wanted to be a nurse since I was six. (Obsessed with Rescue 911 & ER in the 90's, cute but irrelevant).
    -Enlisted into the Navy my senior year in High school and served as a Hospital Corpsman- LOVED IT!
    -Enlistment ended in 2008, so since then I've been an ER tech in a SMALL hospital in Salem, AR. *6 bed ER - SIX (2 trauma beds, 2 cardiac, 1 specialty - suture or worse case - delivery **they also had an inpatient unit of 22 beds and THAT'S IT. Loved it, worked nights and really had a solid experience.
    -I had to relocate and at that time I was a PCT in a MICU unit at a large teaching hospital. LOVED IT!
    -Decided to go ahead and be a MA to see what that was like and it's nothing like being a Corpsman in the Navy. I just hate working in doctor's offices and in outpatient in general because it's boring, routine, and that's not what I wanted to do after all. I honestly hate being a MA and I'm actually a Registered MA. Being a RMA, it has not been easy for me to get a PCT or CCP, PSA gig in a hospital. SO, I quit my most recent gig in urgent care and enrolled into the summer minimester and upcoming fall semester at Kennesaw State in Georgia.
    I just know that nursing is a big difference from MA and I loved working in MICU as a PCT and always had my mind set in working at a hospital, and I enjoy nights. I want to get my CCRN post BSN.
    That's what I want, but I am afraid that the MA stuff put a bad taste in my mouth. I'm comparing apples to oranges, right?? Any RN,ADN,BSN's go through something similar??

    Thanks ahead of time for your advice and time.

    It's truly appreciated!

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    I think you've made a great choice, and thanks for serving! I'm a Navy Vet (Hospital Corpsman type), and I have been fortunate enough to work a couple jobs based on my Corpsman training alone (I've worked as an ER Tech and as a Patient Care Tech). Now when I was a PCT, I worked at a large university hospital and they taught me though various classes how to be a PCT within their hospital. My military experience opened that door. However, when I moved (my husband was also enlisted after I had wrapped up my enlistment) I had difficulty getting a job because the civilian workforce did not recognize my military training. They didn't even know what a "Corpse-Man" was, mispronounced of course. SO, I used up a year of my GI Bill benefits to get a diploma in Medical Assisting. Come to find out although I currently work in urgent care, being a MA or even a Registered MA does not make it any easier to get a job in the hospital because a MA primarily works in outpatient medical practices. They are not trained so much on bedside care.
    However, you made the right choice by going CNA since you desire to go to nursing school in the long run. That will make it all the more easier for you because hospitals hire CNA's. Plus, there are a few schools that require nursing school applicants to obtain their CNA and work as a CNA to even be considered for their nursing program. I'm even considering getting a CNA so I can get more hospital experience before I apply for nursing school.

    Thumbs up to you! Be safe out there!

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    Hey everyone! So I was talking to my near and dear aunt about my plans to pursue a BSN. I'm currently a RMA and planning to start general ed courses this fall.
    However, I just don't know if I'll make it as far as after graduation on the employment end. Yes, I have medical experience from being a Corpsman in the Navy and as a RMA. I'm 31 and won't be able to do it in 4 years because.. I don't know, I've been out of school since high school. I'll be well into my mid 30's and I know that there will be much younger candidates in the field than myself and feel that they will be given priority because they are younger despite the whole "no age descrimination". It is what it is and business is business. Case in point, my cousin is in her 40's. She is a nurse and has been for maybe over ten years but her only experience is in mother and baby, L&D. She wants to change but has for whatever reason not had any other experience. she applied for an outpatient nursing position in oncology and got passed up. I guess it was because she has limited experience which includes zero experience in oncology + age.
    What are your thoughts and experiences?

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    Amazon? Check out Maybe you could rent the text? Amazon offers new and used textbooks and textbook rentals. Best of luck Let me know if it works out!

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    I'm 31 and have been in the medical field off and on for over nine years. First, I wanted to be a nurse since I was six. I joined the Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman. In 2008 I wrapped up my enlistment and worked as an ER Tech, PCT, and an uncertified MA. I obtained a diploma in Medical Assisting in 11/2011 and past my RMA exam in 3/2012. Since then I've maintained my RMA and I am going back to school to START my pre reqs for BSN at Kennesaw State. I've been out of school for over ten years, but I'm going for it no matter how long it takes. Luckily I currently have a great part time gig in urgent care and I've recently applied to volunteer at a local hospital. Hats off to all my fellow 30,40, and perhaps 50+'s for not being discouraged and for making the sacrifices.

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    Yeah, seen and heard it.

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    On my first or second day in urgent care a patient asked me after I obtained their vitals and histories if I was a "nurse". I said "No, I'm actually a Medical Assistant. I'll be assisting the physician in your care today." The pt didn't freak out by any means. They deserve the right to be informed. It bothers me that in my previous position as a MA that the staff would refer to me as a "nurse" to the patient. I'm NOT a nurse!!! I have a diploma, not an associates or a BSN. Believe it or not, those are not something you find at the bottom of a Lucky Charms cereal box. I strongly feel that those who are witnessed as passing themselves off as a nurse should be counseled and in that they should sign a document clearly stating the legal ramifications if they continue to pass themselves of as a "nurse". That is all.

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    So who are the lucky ones that lose an hour in their shift while the other loses an hour of sleep tonight??

    I gained an hour when we fell back while on shift and lose and hour of sleep tonight ~ Meh.

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    Quote from wonderchic24
    My favorite Clif Bars are coconut chocolate chip, oatmeal walnut. Blueberry crisp ones are okay - not my favorite but completely edible. I am allergic to peanuts so a lot of bars don't work for me! We eat and run a lot in long term care too. I keep almonds in my purse for when I am starving! Brook
    Nice!! Thanks

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    I see a blender purchase in my very near future ;-) Thanks for all the ideas!! I love apples and peanut butter, def going to check out the cliff bar (I'm a chocoholic myself), trail mix and absolutely trying the smoothie recipe this afternoon!

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    Quote from SoldierNurse22
    Cliff bars and yogurt are pretty awesome. Apples and trail mix are my high-end pogey bait.

    Nice! I've yet to find a cliff bar I actually enjoyed, which one(s) are your go-to?

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot You're absolutely right about "don't bring anything that requires reheating or utensils". Ain't no body got time for that!! I especially don't want any of the nasties patients come with having any opportunity of making it some way into what I eat. The lead I worked with yesterday ate her cereal at her desk between patients. Being that I've been in the military, it's been about six years and the days of nearly ingesting anything with no consequence are non existent.

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    I recently just started a position as a "medic" (I'm a RMA operating in my scope of practice, but the position is termed "medic"). Well although I've worked as an ER tech and did a PCT stint in an ICU unit for over a year, there is no such thing as a lunch break when it's you, the doc, and a receptionist. SO, I maybe had 4 bites of my salad and learned real fast to just go with a meal replacement shake or a meal bar, baby carrots or whatever is easily accessible between patients. There is a break room and I can just run in and out of between patients, but do any of you in hospital and urgent care have any ideas for health food that is easy to grab and quick in between patients??? I'm also over weight, so this may be of great help in my weightloss

    Thoughts and ideas appreciated Thanks ahead of time!

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    As a RMA with a diploma, and military background, I can tell you that LVN/LPN is different from MA. I feel that and know very well that LVN/PN's have more in depth training. I mean there is no such program for MA to RN, so that should be a good clue that obviously LVN/PN is of higher scope of practice and I respect the LVN/PN.

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    I have doubts about your issue. You need to drop the "I'm the victim" mentality. Obviously there is some sort of a problem as the reasons you were "let go" are similar. Body language says a lot. Professionalism is lacking. Accept responsibility for your actions and perhaps you need to do some research on customer service and professionalism. Also, your attitude needs work as well.
    Good luck and be well.