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Sigh, I hope I'm in the right place. I am posting in the nurses forum in hopes of advice so I don't cost myself anymore grief or more importantly, pay for student loans in a degree I'm not happy in.

A little insight:

-Wanted to be a nurse since I was six. (Obsessed with Rescue 911 & ER in the 90's, cute but irrelevant).

-Enlisted into the Navy my senior year in High school and served as a Hospital Corpsman- LOVED IT!

-Enlistment ended in 2008, so since then I've been an ER tech in a SMALL hospital in Salem, AR. *6 bed ER - SIX (2 trauma beds, 2 cardiac, 1 specialty - suture or worse case - delivery **they also had an inpatient unit of 22 beds and THAT'S IT. Loved it, worked nights and really had a solid experience.

-I had to relocate and at that time I was a PCT in a MICU unit at a large teaching hospital. LOVED IT!

-Decided to go ahead and be a MA to see what that was like and it's nothing like being a Corpsman in the Navy. I just hate working in doctor's offices and in outpatient in general because it's boring, routine, and that's not what I wanted to do after all. I honestly hate being a MA and I'm actually a Registered MA. Being a RMA, it has not been easy for me to get a PCT or CCP, PSA gig in a hospital. SO, I quit my most recent gig in urgent care and enrolled into the summer minimester and upcoming fall semester at Kennesaw State in Georgia.

I just know that nursing is a big difference from MA and I loved working in MICU as a PCT and always had my mind set in working at a hospital, and I enjoy nights. I want to get my CCRN post BSN.

That's what I want, but I am afraid that the MA stuff put a bad taste in my mouth. I'm comparing apples to oranges, right?? Any RN,ADN,BSN's go through something similar??

Thanks ahead of time for your advice and time.

It's truly appreciated!

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University of Washington PA program loves Corpsmen vets. It's also one of the best programs in the country.

Thought about going for PA instead of RN? You'd be an excellent candidate, and can specialize as an ED or Acute Care practitioner.

Just something to think about.

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I didn't go through something similar, but I think it is totally doable. You will quickly see that nursing is an entire field itself, separate from medicine and more complex than medical assisting. Your desirable experiece will help you obtain a position in the specialty of your choice.

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