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  • Jan 29 '13

    BlueStep Systems, LLC is a highly customizable and flexible solution for Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and really any type of residential care. BlueStep - Home. They are comprehensive and you can use any type of device or browser. It is also role based so each individual only uses it for their specific job duties. It has bar-none the best MDS system in the states and the reporting is fantastic. The nurses typically use ipads, or tablets and can the clinical data drives the MDS and Care Plans. May be worth looking into for you and your team, they are also very affordable.

  • Jan 14 '13

    Have you looked at iMedTablet, by Mobile MedSoft? It's really an excellent, extremely easy to use eMAR system. Plus, no upfront costs/licensnsing fees, etc.! (just $.33/per patient per day) and it runs on an iPad so the mobility factor is fantastic.

    Here are a list of other features included in iMedTablet and a link to the website: Full eMAR, Drug Reference Resources, Clinical Decision Support, Interactive Communication Tools(Make Phone Calls, Instant Chat, Message Board), Sophisticated Customized Alert & Reminder System, Medical Education Tools, Clinical Resources Library, State Survey & Audit Reporting Tools, Cloud Computing & Data Backup, Electronic Prescribing, Rx Tracking (in real-time), Clinical Charting, Med & Non-Med Administration, Drug-to-Drug Interaction, Patient-to-Drug Allergy Interaction, Controlled Drug Count Verification, Electronic Document Management, Management Reports, Care Management, Wireless Printing, Voice Dictation,24/7 Customer Support
    Mobile Long Term Care Software | Mobile MedSoft

  • Jan 11 '13

    I work for a CCRC on the assisted living side. We use HealthMEDX and i like it. I think they looked at PCC as well, but I wasn't part of the team or a decision maker. The best part are the home screens and the processes. I don't think about what I have to do. Passing medications electronically is very user friendly. Hope this helps!

  • Jan 10 '13

    I work at a SNF that also has AL. We evaluated Pointclickcare and HealthMEDX in 2010. The AL end users preferred PCC after the demos but we couldn't get a single AL reference where advanced clinicals such as emar and etar were used. HealthMEDX won the vote in SNF and they were able to provide a handful of AL references. We are live now with HealthMEDX and are happy with our decision. PCC was inflexible and quite frankly arrogant. Make sure you do thorough reference checks.

  • Jan 10 '13

    I work in LTC. Like most things it has pros and cons. Pros - love the EMAR. Simple and easy. Cons - dislike the assessments section. Parts are redundant and at my facility with all of the Medicare charting we do, the daily skilled note section cuts off after a while and usually I can't fit my whole note in there so I have to put it under progress notes. A lot of my fellow nurses write shorter notes so maybe it is only a problem for me.

  • Jan 10 '13

    In my experience Point Click Care can be great IF staff are PROPERLY trained on all its available functions and uses. Otherwise, it is VERY confusing. A one day training session is not sufficient to learn it to utilize all it has to offer. For example, it has a "dash" board which, after I started my position, I soon learned nobody used. The facility wanted us to utilize this function to its full extent, but nobody did, because they weren't trained on it properly or extensively enough. The eMAR component was easy, and I liked it. As far as charting, there is a section for progress notes and and a section for assessments. So if I had a resident fall, I had to fill out the pain assessment, fall risk assessment, side rail use assessment..... and it took forever because all that documentation wsd redundant. For example, they ask many of the same questions for each assessment and I had to keep retyping it for each assessment.