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    Long story short, I had no clue that Bacitracin is the active ingredient in antibiotic ointment. And got my head bitten off by the nurse who took the order because I ordered it from the pharmacy instead of just grabbing it from our on hand supplies. She felt I was questioning her order by ordering it without "knowing if she didn't order it, it was for a reason", and that I should have called her at 10:30 at night to clarify it with her. I dread going into work every day because simple errors are treated like you overdosed someone on insulin. And I'm only 3 months into this job as a new grad, and I feel like I just have to take it. I try my best to just own up to my mistakes and make sure they don't happen again, but I feel like such crap when it happens. I have 45+ residents to see in my 8 hour shift, with several that I have to see multiple times through the night. I feel like I suck at being a nurse, and can't believe I didn't know what Bacitracin was.

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    Thanks! I actually already got a call back! I am job-shadowing with the nurses on Monday for an hour and then having a 2nd interview with either the executive director or business coordinator. I think as long as the nurses like me and something stupid doesn't come out of my mouth, it could mean good things!!

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    It actually went really well!! They did one open interview for RNs and caregivers/CNAs, and it was a big ego boost to see who my competition was and to critique in my mind the other applicants. I think it was very well done, and I did get a short one-on-one interview with the DON, and she said I'd be good for the position. It is a new position, so they have not ironed out all of the details, so I will find out by the end of the month.

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    I have never had an open interview, and imagining it to be awful version of group therapy where we are all trying to out do each other with our answers. This is only the 4th interview I've gotten since I graduated in May, so I'll take the practice if nothing else, but if anyone can clue me in on what to expect I would appreciate the input?

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    Hi all!

    I've given in and realized that my own efforts are just not cutting it,and would truly appreciate any critiquing or suggestions for my resume. I am in the Chicago area, and it is a difficult job market here, but I passed my NCLEX in June, and have had very little success getting past the instant-rejectobots since then. I stopped counting after I passed 100 applications. The interviews I have had were weird (lights were out because the interviewer had a migraine, the other was 10 minutes and it was 95% just talking at me), but at least it was interview practice.

    Here is my resume. I realize it has a lot of fluff, and it is need of work, so this is where I ask for your help. Thank you in advance.


    Seeking an entry-level position as a Registered Nurse that will allow me to put to work the knowledge and skills I obtained through my training in nursing school, and provide a great foundation to continue to develop and learn throughout my career as a nurse


    Nursing College
    * Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing (May 2012)
    * GPA 3.42

    Big University;
    * Psychology (Aug. 2003- May 2004)

    Comm. College
    * Psychology (Aug. 2002- May 2003)

    * Professional Registered Nurse (Expires 5/31/2014)
    * CPR Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider (Expires 8/31/2014)
    * Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point
    * 60 WPM typing
    * Electronic Medical Records

    Clinical Experience: Student Nurse
    Capstone Practicum, Intensive Care Unit
    Bigger Hospital (Mar. 2012-May 2012)
    * 178 hour practicum working one-on-one with a preceptor in the Intensive Care Unit
    * Assisted physicians in sterile procedures at patient bedside (insertion of Schwann catheter, insertion of chest tube)
    * Monitored patients in critical and telemetry status with assessment, hourly vitals, hourly intake/output, lab result monitoring, medication administration (oral, subcutaneous, intravenous, IV Push, suppository) and assisting with documentation
    * Care of patients on mechanical ventilation, including suctioning, oral care, and repositioning; patients on therapeutic hypothermia protocol following cardiac arrest

    Related Experience:

    Patient Services Representative
    Dental Practice (July 2007-Present)
    * Coordination of patient treatment, including creating proposed treatment plans,
    scheduling appointments, and making financial arrangements
    * Submitting insurance claims for services provided, and ensuring needed documentation included to obtain payment from insurance companies
    * Verifying eligibility for treatment, and submitting proposed treatment plans for pre-authorization to insurance companies
    * Ensuring patient and insurance payment received on services provided
    * Opening and closing responsibilities of the office, securing of premises at end of the day, preparing daily reports, and making daily deposits.
    * Actively involved in assisting the office in utilizing electronic medical records, and reducing use of paper.
    * Communicating with General Dentists, Specialists, Hygienists, and fellow staff members to ensure outstanding patient care and customer service.

    Patient Care Technician - Orthopedics
    Big Hospital (June 2011-September 2012)
    * Care of post-surgical/trauma patients
    * Measuring vital signs, assisting with ambulation, positioning, toileting, bathing, and other activities of daily living.
    * Bedside accucheck testing, discontinuation of intravenous catheters & foley catheters, intake/output measurement, emptying surgical drains (Jackson-Prat, Hemovac), scanning bladder for urine residuals as directed by Registered Nurses.
    * Documentation of care provided, vitals, intake/output.
    * Staff Member of the Month in July 2011

    Head Cashier
    Big Box Store (Aug. 2005-Oct. 2007)
    * Supervision of cashier crew, delegating tasks as appropriate
    * Ensuring delivery of excellent customer service, involving managers as appropriate
    * Opening and closing tasks for front end of store, securing of money with manager at the end of the day

    Shift Supervisor
    Bagel Bakery (May 2004-July 2005)
    * Supervision of staff, delegating tasks to ensure cleanliness of restaurant
    * Ensuring adequate staff available to meet customer needs
    * Maintaining adequate product availability, baking bagel and bread products
    * Opening and closing tasks, securing premises at end of work day, daily deposits and
    reconciliation of safe

    * Phi Epsilon Mu - Service Sorority, Big University
    * Student Nursing Association
    * Phi Theta Kappa
    * American Nurses Association
    * American Heart Association Heart Walk - Event Volunteer (10/2010)
    * Community Crisis Center - Volunteer (03/2011)