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    Where I work we would never wait 10 minutes to decide to roll back for a c/s with fhts in the 60's. then again, just the recurrent prolonged decels will buy you a section with most ob/gyns

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    Maybe he thought you were giving report? Brush off the little stuff, somethings irk me about my coworkers too, but I've found it's usually a difference in perceptions and just go on with my job.

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    2x2 q20 max is 30--Scott&White TX

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    I've been working as an L&D nurse for a year now, and I absolutely love it. Most patients have a happy ending to all the worry, and pain, and work. When its a sad outcome, it's VERY sad. I have been pretty successful thus far in those situations providing quality nursing care and bonding with my patients during their stay. I lean on faith to comfort myself that some things, some babies are not meant to be. I find myself struggling though, when the worst could have been prevented and was not. ie. Stillbirth due to maternal drug use and other similar situations. I still provide the same nursing care, but my feelings are very ambiguous towards my patient. I deliver these women, and then prepare the infant, I bond with their families, but I do not have the same peace about the situation at the end of the day. I am both angry with and sorrowful for the mother. So I wonder, if this is a typical response? Does it indicate a weakness in my nursing ability that I am not always able to sympathize with my patient. I'm sure there are some experienced nurses out there, and I would love some feedback.