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  • Mar 29

    I do feel now as a RN I have a lot more money to spend after I pay a mortgage and car payment. I feel blessed that I have a choice to work over time if I need extra money. If your "poor" your new RN job will help you a lot I went from making 30000 a year to 83000 a year!

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  • Mar 26

    I'm in Southern California,
    Per diem I make 75/hr, no benefits 1099, if I get insurance I would make 70/hr. This is considered low because I had no ER experience when I started.

  • Feb 6

    That's not bad! I had a 2.7 in my BSN and got accepted on a provisional basis to my NP program because of work experience! You can do it!! I graduated and no one cares about gpa s in the real world!