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I graduated as a new RN with BSN degree when I was 22. I was very excited about my nursing career and was ready to change the world. I started my first nursing job at a big hospital on medical/surgical unit on night shift. I did not like night shifts because it made my brain/mind very loopy and cloudy. 1.5 years later, I switched to day shift on cardiac/telemetry unit. This was a little better. However, it was very stressful because patients' acuity was high and things can change any second. My work phone constantly went on. It was hard to take lunch break and bathroom break. I was in nursing field for 8 years. One day, I decided that enough is enough. I took charge of my career and changed my life. Now I am an Internet entrepreneur and living the dot com lifestyle. No more boss, no more patients, no more running around like a chicken without head. If you would like to join me, send me a private message for more details. I would love to help nursing colleagues escape too!

Posts: 30 (3% Liked) Likes: 10

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